Update (12.14):  While we still very much welcome your opinion, we won’t be reviewing survey results till after the holidays, the contest portion of this post is now closed.  Thank you all who participated. ~jb

for Filling Out this Quick Year End Reader Survey.  ha!

And okay, just One $50 Home Depot Gift Card for taking part in our year-end survey.  By answering these few questions you will not only be helping us BIG TIME, you’ll earn yourself a chance to win a cool $50.  (And hey, every little bit helps this time of year, right?)

… Little bit of an honors system here. Please fill out the Reader Survey and Submit it.  After that, drop a comment in the Comment area at the bottom of the page.  On Friday (12.14), we’ll randomly select a name and shoot the card out to the Winner (hopefully to arrive before Christmas).  If we get a few comments, I’ll also select a few names to receive a handsome, and official, Building Moxie 4 Yard Tape Measure.  (*ahem* Stocking Stuffer!)

* Please and Thank You. If viewing in Email or via RSS, you may have to come visit. (Extra Thank Yous for Sharing!) ~jb


A quick shout to Emily @ MerryPad.com for pointing me to Google Docs and for helping make this happen. Thank You!  Super Day all. ~jb

Building Moxie Swag :: the 4 Yard Tape Measure
the infamous 4 Yard Tape

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  1. I lied, I told the truth, and I contradicted myself by checking all manner of boxes in an effort to amuse you, confuse you and make you question the meaning of truth and your place in the universe. It can’t all be fun and games now, can it? ;).

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