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Building Moxie Archive: ‘Tis the Season to Tear into the Todo: A ToDo List Solution

Disclosure: We partnered with Waste Management and  Bagster® Bag Blogger for this post.

Another Blogger Challenge with Bagster Bag

There must be something about this time of year.  I almost invariably feel a sense of re-commitment to my DIY projects.  And yeah, maybe it does have something to do with the impending “threat” of having to host.  My wife and I are, in fact, entertaining the rest of the family this . . . New Years Day.

*big gasp* . . . and my mind quickly scrolls to my to-do list:

(Too see how I did with my ToDo List, check my follow up post here >> Building Moxie in a Bagster Bag :: The Year in Review.)

I mean – Santa Could Bring me Another Me

And I entertain that. . .  for a brief second, as if — I think, “Hmmmm?”  But of course reality sets in, and I realize there is no way I’m gonna get all that done before company comes.  “True… but then again,” . . . I take another long second.  I mean – I am now free from the burden of Summer, free from Fall’s maxed out calendar, and I know! that the holidays too are soon to be nothing more than a fond set of memories.

Maybe it is the Season … that is — the beginning of this here cold, winter season.  It marks the beginning of our indoor time, perfect for cozy cuddling underneath the stockings, wonderful for the warm snugglings of championship football, andddddd, well, optimal for the wham, the bam of the punch out work on those there todo-list items.

‘Tis the DIY Season!  And fortunately, this year, I got a little help, a ToDo List Solution!

It’s a DIY-MasTM Miracle

Enter the Bagster® bag from Waste Management!!!
What’s the Bagster Bag? Well, listen:

And there mine is, sitting right there.  It took me all of about 15 minutes to read the instructions (right on the packaging) and to set it up.  I’ve already got my load started and maybe I rig up some sort of covering for it soon. It takes the place of my now infamous dump pile (and sorry, I didn’t get a better pic — ideally everything is more evenly distributed setting the bag up straighter).

As I roll, I mean – make my way through my to-do list, I’ll add my construction debris (and only that which is beyond reclamation) to it.  And maybe if (do dream) it hangs around long enough (again — there is no time limit for its pick up!), I’ll be ready for our next big project:


Thanks for reading all!  Happy Building, Happy Bagging and may I even dare say Happy DIY-MasTM.  ~jb

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