Shortly after a group of us attended Brizo’s Fashion Week#brizofw as it came to be known, we created a Facebook Group page.  Some of the Fashion Week alum before us had created their own Fan pages (Blogger19), and I will sometimes catch that group’s postings there (you should Like them too).  But for us, our group of 19 designers and bloggers, the Group-type page seemed instead the way to go.

Brizo Fashion Week February 2011 image by Jayme Thorton (psst. Dream Team who has that shot taken from the side?)

When it came time to name to this Group — and you kinda need a name (at least a working one) before you can even create a page — some ideas were (lightly) tossed around.  But it was Eric “Easy-E, cut-concrete, Stache-man” Miller of Studio M who dropped what we ultimately decided to go with . . . “the Dream Team” (and, yeah — we all admit it probably could use some work).  From there though, this page has grown into a sort of social media sanctuary for many of us . . . or at least for me.  A place where “shameless self promotion” seems just a little less, well, shameful.

The page only up a few weeks, and our group still buzzing from #brizofw, we received an invitation from the wonderful Paula Cecere.  On behalf of GE Appliances, she was inviting us to a session of the GE Monogram Experience.  In June, we would visit GE’s Appliance Park, and be trained by pro chefs to prepare meals using Monogram equipment.  But as some of that initial Brizo group had other engagements, a few did bow out (and you were missed) — but others were added . . . and to our Facebook Group page too.

At it stands, this Group contains 24 members (with open invitations to three others — *ahem* you know who you are).  We frequently share (almost daily) on what we each are doing . . . .  And occasionally we discuss opportunities to promote the group as a whole, as a package, but truth — the phrase “reality show” has only actually been used once (*wink* Patricia Brown Davis).


And so why do I tell you all of this?  Well, while I haven’t had the time to jot down my own thoughts on the Experience (as many of us have come to call it), I wanted to give a nod to some of what these other super-talented folk had to say.  And yeah, I know it is now August, but my take on the 21C Museum Hotel (Red Penguins!) will have to wait, the “Tornado of Awesome” turned “Tornado Warning in the Shower” will have to wait, and so will the . . . GE Appliances‘ (its own zip code) Monogram Line; it will have to wait . . . probably yet another month, or maybe soon, or maybe never and uggg! I missed my window.  But nonetheless, it is always fun to revisit, and please enjoy these other postings:



The Dream Team and the GE Monogram Experience


A quick shout myself to Paula Cecere, Valinda Wagner, Nancy Wolfe, Chefs Joe and Brian, as well as to the entire team at the GE Monogram Center; my thanks as well . . . . Wow! What a fun and valuable, well, Experience.

I’m sorry if I missed any, but hey, you know! . . . I’m out, and next week too, but my man Barry has the reigns . . . you’ll have to stop in to see what happens. Thanks for reading and great weekend all. ~jb

11 thoughts on “Building Moxie Archive: Like a Tornado (Warning) of Awesome :: The Dream Team Stormed Kentucky & the GE Monogram Experience

  1. JB, I am truly honored to be a member of this “elite” group. All of you have come to be such great friends on FB, Twitter and most important, in real life!

    I had so much fun in the months/weeks prior to our Experience, then to actually meet and interact with everyone was wonderful. Then being able to reminence about our adventures and fun, has been the icing on the cake for me.

    I miss all of you and hope that we can all have another experience together soon! Until then, take care my sweet friends. XOXO


  2. It has been a great way to develop synergy with other like-minded social folks . . . I mean it has been cool hanging out both on facebook and in RL . . . with everyone… these types of events are so energizing and they (for me) reaffirm that what I am doing in the webosphere isn’t just a waste of time. Soon again I hope! and btw how did you like my “nicknames”? pulled em out at about 11 last night ;~)

  3. Enjoyed this article, jb, because it gave me yet more insight into this group of people and how things more or less flowed between #brizofw and “The Experience, something that mystified me a bit, til now.

    And I can totally relate to Brenda’s comment about how coming together at The Experience was the icing on the cake for her. Hope to see yet more postings from time to time on these wonderful events!


  4. As Brenda said, I am honored to call each one of you friends. It is just another testimony to social media and how it really can be SOCIAL. Look how many of us it has united and it will only get stronger.

    Great post! Loved the shout out and you even mentioned the Stache…So cool! I look forward to see what the future has in store for the DT. Have a great vacay!

    Your brother from another mother.


  5. john thanks for comment. I’d love to have the time to do a profile on each in the group — really a talented lot. and that would be postings for a month right there. we really did learn a ton about food preparation and appliance use/features/installation (in general) that I may never get to share… but I did know that I wanted to get something down. tried to have fun with it and glad you enjoyed.

  6. I was just trying to find a good link for the newest addition to Studio M’s list of services — Stache Creative and I am very excited for you on this. being attached now with you and the other members of the dteam has already made me stronger, I’d say. Truly an honor. it would be fantastic to take it on another whirl again soon. But until then — keep reaching for the stars. YBFAM — jb Edit: and oh thanks for the vacay wish!

  7. JB! As I’ve told you before you are my hero!! I love your energy and I want to thank you for making me apart of such a great group. You’ve always made me feel so welcome. I appreciate you and all that you do. Sending a big hug and a major congrats on such a great post. Be well my friend! XO

  8. yep I figured it was time to dust off the good old times. and it was a shame you weren’t around for the group photo thing. otherwise you may have had the pleasure of me making funny faces or groping on ya! we’re glad to have you and I am sure this won’t be the last time. and maybe I should stop to thank Brizo and GE for putting these types of events together. xo back my friend — see you soon. :~)

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  11. They invited a small group of bloggers for a luxurious learning, sharing, and cooking opportunity at the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky. They titled it the “GE Momsperience!”

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