Quality Engineering

Preventative - Functional, Performance, and Omni-Channel Testing.

Quality Program Development - Manual Testing  and Automated Tools.

(UI, API, Data & More)

Quality with Content

Content Engineering

Production and Editing. Editorial or Marketing.

Unique, Engaging, Precise, and Digitally-optimized.

(SEO, Analytics, Prompt-Powered, & More)

Content with Quality



20 Years Experience Trapping & Preventing Bugs in Software

 - Upholding Quality on the Web thru Testing & Documentation

Son Father. Husband Brother. Friend & Coach. A passionate, trained writer and technologist who excels in collaborative environments. A Certified Scrum Master (CSM) & storyteller with extensive achievements across project management, testing & release delivery.

 - SaaS web and native mobile applications, web & blog development, social media & community engagement, as well as the production and/or editing of technical, client-facing documentation.

A dynamic pro with a unique blend of technical abilities, analytical capabilities, and communication skill, with deep respect for User Experience (UX) and the distinct ability to always step into the end-user's shoes.

I welcome you to explore my resume or to see my portfolio to learn more. Thank you.

~ jb bartkowiak (on LinkedIn)