Building Moxie Archive :: On Reading & Writing Instructions

I mean – Instructions – they’re a special thing, aren’t they? As a writer of instructions, you just don’t know what the individuals in your audience, well – know. (Key word “individuals.”) Surprisingly, as was the case with my assignment – instructions are not always written by writers, but rather by engineers. (And in a way, that simple fact seems to help give purpose to all us how-to bloggers out here, hacking away.)

Building Moxie Archive :: 106 *Yards* to the Remodeling Show

So this year, how ’bout this? Goal … raise $2000 by September 9th, 2012. That’s $1400 (+ a Show pass) earmarked for the express purposes of bringing one remodeler here to attend the 3-day conference and show — October 9th thru October 12th. That’s right – we are working to get one deserving remodeling professional here to network and learn, mingle and (maybe) relax. I mean — almost like magic, viola – a new name, the 106 Yard Fund is born.

Building Moxie Archive :: (Updated) 106 Miles to . . . the Remodeling Show

OK those are the facts… and with all this talk recently amongst friends about KBIS, and at the center of the universe for what we do, we really want to make it to Chicago this year. But chances are it will not happen without your help. I have placed the PayPal widget in our sidebar and we will be accepting all good will contributions there.

Building Moxie Archive :: Revisiting the Home Advisor Hangout: Spring Home Projects

This Hangout hosted by Maybe you saw me promoting it. It paired me with old friends Mark & Theresa from MyFixitUpLife and a new friend David Silverstein – a roofer and remodeler from just around the way from me. The focus was on Summer and on the Spring Projects that lead up to it. It was even for at time featured on the Google Hangouts homepage.

Building Moxie Archive: How Environmentally Sound is that Single Serve Coffee Maker?

(By John D. Poole) – The coffee pod concept has met with considerable criticism for its obviously negative environmental impact. Though it might excel at delivering a consistent cup of coffee, the pod itself clearly is an overly manufactured and wasteful piece of packaging for delivering something as simple as a single cup of coffee. Furthermore, the pod has no clear “recycling strategy”; once used, it retains its coffee grounds, and as such, shouldn’t be disposed along with empty plastic recyclables. The only immediately obvious thing to do is toss it in the trash, and that’s probably what most folks do.

Building Moxie Archive: Getting My Hardware Geek On with Top Knobs :: KBIS Spotlight

Warren Ramsland, President of Top Knobs personally introduced us to Top Knobs. He said, “We partner with professional showrooms.” He continues, “As a “design company” our products are not available at mass merchandising stores.” The company is the #1 manufacturer of decorative hardware for the professional market and is only available from design showrooms.

Building Moxie Archive: Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry :: KBIS Spotlight

Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry can trace its roots to the 1940s, a small PA mill, named originally – “Wood Metal Industries.” In the ’50s, they replaced “Metal” with “Mode” and rolled into the ’60s, where they gained recognition for custom designed kitchens. The 1980s saw the release of sister brand – Brookhaven. A proud 60-year history formed right here in the USA.

Building Moxie Archive: Door Manufacturing with ODL Door Glass & a Sense of Retro at IBS

(By Barry Morgan.) At IBS, I met Roger Finch, who is the Distribution Channel Marketing Manager at ODL, and according to his LinkedIn profile, is “responsible for all marketing activities to the distribution channel, new product launches, product line extensions and introductions.” He began by teaching me about Evolve, a newly designed door light frame the company introduced in early 2013. ODL is a Door Light supplier for major door manufacturers like Jeld-Wen. Spotlights is their program for the architectural enthusiast.

Building Moxie Archive: Celebrating 101 Years, Formica Makes the Hottest Surfacing Materials Obtainable

It is part of what Amy Gath, Vice President of Marketing, called Formica’s mission to “make materials obtainable.” Gath continues, “Although granite continues to be popular, homeowners are expanding their material preferences to include new stone variations. Our latest laminate patterns are fresh, affordable and maintenance-free alternatives, making design trends accessible for all.”

Building Moxie Archive: A Look at Blanco ONE & the Trend towards Individualization :: KBIS Spotlight

“By far, the biggest design trend that connects with both consumers and designers is the idea of individualization,” states Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “We have so many options in front of us each day – we truly believe that there is one product, made just for us and for our life. That is the inspiration for ONE. It’s a sink that lets you customize the features to create a personal workstation.”

Building Moxie Archive: News from KBIS || Cosentino, the Maker of SILESTONE, Releases DEKTON

The makers of SILESTONE, natural quartz, and other renowned counter material released this revolutionary new material. With technical properties suited for both interior AND exterior use, DEKTON is being termed “ultra-compact” and is receiving its own category distinction – the ultra-compact surface. Its invention punctuates a continuing trend towards the seamless flow of interiors and exteriors.

Building Moxie Archive: BlogTour Vegas Gets an Exclusive Tour of Walker Zanger’s Las Vegas Showroom

While of course I knew Walker Zanger is recognized as an industry-leader in stone and tile, it took Jared Becker, Vice President of Design and Marketing, to inform us that the company is actually (still) celebrating its 60th Anniversary year. The company has a rich history surely. From its founding in New York in 1952, where Leon Zanger and Marvin Walker initially promoted marble tops to the New York furniture industry, the company in 10 years expanded to Los Angeles, where they are now currently headquartered.

Building Moxie Archive: BlogTour Vegas :: Design & Construction Week ReCap

Barry and I were in Las Vegas, Nevada covering the first ever Design & Construction Week. For the first time ever, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the International Builders’ Show (IBS) were running simultaneously. For me, I took part in the prestigious BlogTour Vegas, which itself delved deeply into KBIS 2014. Barry, on the other hand, roamed free on the IBS side of things. Here’s our first report; read on.

Painting a Basketball Court Before and After

Building Moxie Archive: Painting a Basketball Court :: Concrete Gym Floor Redo

The budget for this particular project – $0. Well, to be more accurate, the actual cost and the amount of equivalent gym time we had received totaled about $1000.

For the base coat, and working very closely with the manager at my local Glidden Pro Store, I selected their Concrete Coatings – a stain.

We used the existing lines, masking directly over them prior to applying any base coat.

Building Moxie Archive: Maytag Man || An Iconic Figure Gets an Update

The newest iteration marks a sorta evolution of the role, however. In this new role, the character acts as the appliances themselves. While the iconic blue suit and hat remain, he drops the “Repair” part of his moniker, and in true superhero form becomes only … Maytag Man!

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie & BlogTour Vegas :: Design & Construction Week #1 Preview

BlogTour Vegas, “A team of 15 notable designers and design bloggers from both Canada and the U.S will spend four days spotting the latest trends, seeing the newest products, networking with industry peers, reporting back to their blog and social media audiences in the weeks before, during and after. The team has been asked by KBIS management to judge not only the newly revamped Best of KBIS Awards but the first ever Booth Innovation Award as well.”

Building Moxie Archive: Remodeling Show Recap :: Product Round Up – Chicago

(By Sean Lintow) – This year unfortunately JB wasn’t able to attend the Remodeling Show being held in Chicago. BUT, I managed to make it, as it just so happens to be in my new back yard, and eeks! I was now on the other side of the presentation podium. With that, here are my rambling thoughts on the two days I spent at the 2013 Remodeling Show. Product Coverage includes: Fantec, Panasonic and some surprises.

Building Moxie Archive :: DIY Oil Change :: Why DIY? With Purolator Keep It Pure

And picture it – changing my own oil, a blue ’77 VW Rabbit (yes, my first car) – it was likely the first thing I ever truly DIYed. I feel pretty certain that I am not alone on that one. Taking the time now to change my oil is not only an opportunity to revisit that point from my past, but it also yields occasion to reflect on why exactly I DIY. I mean – Why DIY?

Building Moxie Archive: Baltimore DIY Guide on Charles & Hudson

It, the Charm City Guide, is a list of resources, suppliers actually, that can be found in and AROUND Baltimore – my hometown. Basically, it was what I came up with after a little light reflection across two afternoons. And I’m writing today to point you both to it, and maybe in some ways to qualify it – you know, expound on it a bit.

Building Moxie Archive :: DIY Oil Change (the Work Truck Edition)

… In it, Nate captures a recent oil change. For it, he selects an L10111 – Purolator Classic Oil Filter. He installs it on his 1999 Chevy S10 work truck. (You’ll even catch a few glimpses of his ladders, still mounted to his ladder rack, as he pulls up onto the ride-up ramps.) [Click to Read More]

Building Moxie Archive: The Blogger 19 Reunion & My Mom’s Kitchen Remodel Finished with a Faucet

Brizo – that’s right the high-end faucet manufacturer, bundles 19 ultra-talented bloggers (many designers) and summons them to New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. And since the Winter of 2010, seven groups total (or good with math – 133 individuals) have attended this event. I was a fortunate member that did New York in February 2011. (Yeah! I know. Go figure!) … the Blogger 19 Reunion. Plus, a look at the Brizo Talo Kitchen Faucet installed during my mom’s Kitchen Remodel.

Building Moxie Archive: John Deere Test Drives and Review, the Ride and Drive Event

We headed out to the 400+ acre Swan Road Test site (a short bus ride from Horicon Works and a location the team from Deere also referred to as “the Farm”. Here, tractors, utility vehicles and implements are field- and performance- tested. Products are run through and graded on Blading, Mowing, Moving, Tilling, Plowing, Snow Blowing, and Brooming … among other things. We had a chance to try some of the best Deere had to offer.

Building Moxie Archive: Notes from Providence :: Press for Products from JLC Live

As I mention in my first post from it, my primary mission was simply to go and learn. I wanted to take in at least part of an abundant clinic program, but as things are and sporting a press pass, I couldn’t keep from doing a few product meetings. Plus, I guess, our readers, you maybe, have come expect the product roundups we do when we head out to these Shows. […]

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie in a Bagster Bag :: The Year in Review

A 3yd dumpster with the total cost of about $190 and yes, a few of our DIYin’ type friends did ask. I figure it saved me about 2 + trips to the dump and that for me, in Baltimore City, MD, is not a super easy proposition. And that too is not to mention costs sometimes associated with eliminating construction debris. Read on for our full review.

Building Moxie Archive: Building a Birdhouse from Scrap Cedar

In this post, I work with Beth of Beth’s DIY Workshop to build a birdhouse from scrap cedar. This birdhouse was my gift in a White Elephant Gift Exchange for this year’s Baltimore Bloggers Holiday Party hosted by One Project Closer. The Step-by-Step pictorial included; read on.

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie Builds a Birdhouse with Beth of Beth’s DIY Workshop for the Baltimore Bloggers Holiday Party

I can thank friends Ethan and Jocie, Fred and Kim @ One Project Closer for getting this whole thing a-rolling. They hosted a party this past Friday … officially – the Baltimore Bloggers Holiday Party. There, though – an opportunity. It was an opportunity to make a long-promised visit to Beth’s DIY Workshop. I decided I was gonna build that long-ago-joked-about … birdhouse.

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie with Miriam Illions :: An Interview with HomeTalk’s HomeTalker Numero Uno

Day 3 of the Remodeling Show, we were fortunate enough to spend part of the afternoon with Miriam Illions (pronounced “Millions” just minus the M) . . . of Never mind that Miriam is likely one of the sweetest, bestest, goodest people I know from the interwebs, she happens also to be a passionate, well-spoken representative of the HomeTalk brand. That day, she was gracious enough to sit down with us for an (audio) interview. […]

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie with the HTRC :: An Interview with Sean Lintow Sr. of SLS Construction

Here Sean and I, Barry too, discuss Sean’s business and blog (one of my personal favorites). With that, while Sean is known by many as @SLSConstruction, it is actually the steady expansion of his services offerings that intrigued us. While you could certainly look at his blog the Homeowner’s and Trades Resource Center (the HTRC for short) as one of these, it is his move more specifically to offer a formal green solutions suite that really piqued our interest.

Building Moxie Archive: 106 Yards Later: A Remodeling Show Recap :: Sean Lintow Sr.

OK it was more like 1779 miles, approximately 90 gallons of gas, 11 hours of driving in the rain on Monday just in time for everyone to show up at Camden Yards… but oh what a great trip & time. As the first ever winner, aka “The Chosen One” (and may I truthfully add – very surprised winner) I have to thank JB for coming up with this ideas along with the fine folks at DAP Products, American Standard, Houzz and Wilsonart HD. I would also like to thank the three judges; Mark & Theresa Clement of My Fix it Up Life, Leah Thayer of Daily 5 Remodel & Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson. […]

Building Moxie Archive :: Remodeling Show :: Wilsonart’s Panel: Ten Tips for Looks for Less

I have generally kept our appointments and obligations light this year, as to get maximum value from our time with product exhibitors and on-the-floor presentations. I do however have one big obligation. You may have heard, Oh! Oh! You haven’t? Well I am participating in my first ever panel discussion. Wilsonart’s “Ten Remodeling Tips to Help Give Customers the Look for Less.“ […]

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie with Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers :: Moxie, Moser, Maine: Part 1

I had the unique opportunity to tag along on a visit with a group from St. Timothy’s School. I was popping in on the tail end of a week in which ten high school girls were participating in a special session of Moser’s Customer in Residence (CIR) program (and yes, more too on that in a bit). What I bore witness to, in my few days, was a company . . . built on legacy and tradition, with deep rootings in both family and education . . . connecting intimately with their client (St. Tim’s). […]

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie with Elizabeth Cb Marsh :: A Month in the Life with an Associate Interior Designer :: Intro

This post is the first of four, in which I/we discuss working with clients, working in Baltimore, and finding and defining style. I/we discuss the practical challenges and the management of projects, business and billing, as well as and as promised – what it is like working in a large, well-known interior design firm. (Oh, and yes, we might even talk a little bit about design(s) too.)

Building Moxie Archive :: 106 Yard Sponsors & Press (Talladega Nights Edition) :: Going the Extra Yard

We are stoked to have secured our 4th (and last) sponsor for the 106 Yard Fund. This brings our fund total to 90% of goal. I am trying to work through the details for a fun promotional product that will hopefully bring us to the Full 106, the full $2000 goal.  But yes, we are still looking for $200 from our readers.  While I can officially say the “Scholarship Contest” will absolutely happen (and will officially launch sometime around August 9th), I hope to have your support so we can whip together a small gathering here in Baltimore during this year’s Remodeling Show.

Building Moxie Archive: For Pros Only :: The Home Depot FIRST for Pro Program (Part 3)

(By Barry Morgan) I wanted to begin this final installment on the Home Depot FIRST for Pro program by stating that this visit to my local store, in which I did invest some time, had opened my eyes to something: In business one can never afford to ignore potential allies and for the good of the organization, it is important to constantly re-evaluate our own personal prejudices.

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie & Genie Garage Door Openers :: The Digital Summit & Factory Tour

(By Barry Morgan) – So what do Genie and the Amish have in common? Well, a lot it seems, starting with where they call home. Amidst the rolling green hills of Mt. Hope, Ohio lies a splendid surprise of a community that straddles the timeline of technology. Genie flew me out to this place for what they called a Digital Summit and we, the participants, arrived with our devices in tow, connected to the Internet (albeit spotily at times) and prepared to record much of what we saw in ones and zeros.

Building Moxie Archive: For Pros Only :: The Home Depot FIRST for Pro Program (Part 1)

I visited our local Home Depot in Lewes, Delaware and met with Pro Account Representative, Bill Krum to learn about the Home Depot FIRST for Pro Program. Bill is friendly and easy going guy, with a great working knowledge of what Home Depot has to offer the professional contractor. I had noticed a steady increase in activity around our local store’s Pro Desk over time, so I asked Bill if the Pro Program was changing?

Building Moxie Archive: Installing a Bathroom Vanity

And as the story goes, I simply asked (paraphrased here): “Hey guys. Would you ever consider providing a vanity which I would install and then later document?” Well, they (St. Paul) agreed. That’s how I found myself installing a St. Paul Home Products 30″ Classic Vanity Combo (in Antique White) at Dave W.’s house.

Building Moxie Archive: Head West Building Moxie to Portland with Pennington Grass Seed

Thursday this week, I leave for Portland, Oregon, a place I have never been. Pennington Grass Seed is hosting Building Moxie and a handful of other renowned DIY bloggers as part of a Pennington “Seed for Yourself” Summit. The exclusive one-day summit at Pennington’s NexGen research facility in Portland promises to include location tours, hands-on workshops and one-on-one discussions with Pennington experts.

Building Moxie Archive :: Building Moxie & the Owens Corning EcoTouch Insulation DIY Review Panel

But really, from the get go, this one was simply a no brainer for me. Owens Corning ihmo kills it (in a good way) with their marketing on this one. While they likely had my moxiful self at . . . “Many people are quick to admit they lack the confidence to tackle home improvement projects. . . . “ The DIY Guy campaign sealed the deal. Haven’t seen it . . . ? Well . . . my post on it >> Building Moxie: This Here DIY Guy. Or . . .

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie Interviews Tim Carter of Ask the Builder

When we had our night on the town at the Remodeling Show in Chicago, we were fortunate enough to have Tim Carter from join us. And as one thing seems to lead to another, and when he says — “Ask the Builder,” well, we did. Here is an interview with Tim. How Ask the Builder was born and where it is now. Great information about being an early online publisher. Perhaps one of the first. Read on for more.

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie Tours a Lumber Wholesaler :: An Interview with Shannon Rogers of McIlvain Lumber

Now, while I am a super big fan of wood, in fact — I love it, I can’t claim really to know all that much about it. Or at least this is how I felt after walking the yard with Shannon Rogers. Shannon, you see, is not only McIlvain’s Director of Marketing, he is also a furniture maker, an instructor and, well, a blogger. And quite a prolific one at that. (I reprinted one of his articles here in early October.)

Building Moxie Archive: I Heart My Local Lumber Yard :: National Lumber

Kevin, owner of National Lumber, talks of the delicate balance between always doing the right thing for customers, but also being loyal to vendors (whom he refers to as partners). As I point out my own recent visit to the Remodeling Show/Deck Expo and commenting on the number of deck fastener systems that were represented, he agreed that there are — quote “so many products.” Read on to see what makes this Local Lumberyard different.

Building Moxie Archive: Inside Custom Cabinetry :: Crown Point Cabinetry a Unique Proposition for Pros

“Fine Quality Custom Cabinetry Handcrafted for Your Entire Home.” That’s exactly how it reads in Crown Point Cabinetry’s own tagline. “Kitchens, Baths, Laundries, Offices, Home Bars” . . . *breath* . . . “Islands, Pantries, Breakfast Nooks, Closets, Built-Ins.” They build every cabinet to the exact specifications for your project, and really anything you could imagine . . . in terms of cabinetry. True Custom.

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie Archive: Big News from the Remodeling Show :: Dap Products Debuts ‘The DAP Spec Line’

One of the bigger announcements that came out of the Remodeling Show in Chicago last week was a new product line from DAP targeting professional contractors and remodelers. The DAP Spec Line by DAP is the first full line of sealants and adhesives designed specifically to help professionals meet industry specifications for each job by including the required spec as part of the product name. With numeric labels that match proven industry specification standards, professionals can now easily select the best product for each job application.

Building Moxie Archive: Remodeling Show Product Report Take 1 :: 10 Products You Should Know

Our visit last week to Chicago, and only the 2nd time for me in my lifetime, the 2011 Hanley Wood and NAHB-sponsored Remodeling Show. It is part conference, packed with educational seminars, and part product showcase — a show. Targeted to those working in the residential remodeling industry, it is a great place to connect and network, and to learn. Over next few weeks will work to get our thoughts down. Today — start easy, with a short product roundup.

Building Moxie Archive: Tube Lined Tiles w/ Tile Artist – DuQuella Tile :: My Tile Fairy & Her Decorative Tile

Maybe you know Cyra DuQuella makes handcrafted decorative tiles (yes, each and every one by hand.) You may know that that she specializes in Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts and Deco tile. You may know that she can customize borders and accents to fit almost any installation. You may know that she offers 300+ colors of glazing, but can match and perfect almost any color through her custom design services. [ . . . ]

Building Moxie Archive :: Building Moxie and the Remodeling Show :: the 80th Mile Marker – An Update

Yep, fortunately for the good people, sponsors: Duquella Tile, Crestview Doors and DAP Products (also at the show), plus a handful of generous donations — we have raised at least enough for one of us to attend. As it stands today, we are at about $1800. Our goal $2500 and the initial deadline of September 15th. That date, this week, is coincidentally the final day of early registration for the Show.

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie Archive: Like a Tornado (Warning) of Awesome :: The Dream Team Stormed Kentucky & the GE Monogram Experience

I wanted to give a nod to some of what these other super-talented folk had to say. And yeah, I know it is now August, but my take on the 21C Museum Hotel (Red Penguins!) will have to wait, the “Tornado of Awesome” turned “Tornado Warning in the Shower” will have to wait, and so will the . . . GE Appliances’ (its own zip code) Monogram Line; it will have to wait, probably yet another month, or maybe soon, or maybe never and uggg! I missed my window.

Building Moxie Archive :: 106 Miles to Chicago :: The Mission from God Edition . . . or . . . The 47th Mile Marker

Now, some have asked, “Where does ‘106 Miles’ come from?” The answer — from the Blues Brothers, the clip embedded in that first posting. Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) turning to Jake Blues (John Belushi) and saying, “It’s a hundred and six miles to Chicago. We’ve got a full tank of gas, a half pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.” I won’t go into the significance of this statement or the context of it as it fits into the movie . . . I will say however the movie the Blues Brothers is simply a classic and that they were on a “Mission from God.”

Building Moxie Archive: American Standard Toilets :: Potty Mouth with the Professor and American Standard

Take their Champion line — you have likely heard the name. Did you know, it’s got 17 different models in it alone (check the link back there)? Elongated or round, RH/LH (that’s right-handed handle and/or left, and it can make a big difference). And of course that’s not to mention variations in dimension — total height, tank height, tank width, etc. All these options come in handy when you have a “location” you MUST fit. (I know a Champion has saved *me* more than once.)

Building Moxie Archive: BMoxies 1st Ever Photo Week – Day 3 (Great Tubes of Caulk in the Sky) :: DAP

An RPM International company, Dap Products, Inc. is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. They are a leading manufacturer of caulks, sealants and adhesives. Just a half an hour drive from their offices in the trendy Canton area of Baltimore, you’ll find one of the company’s two manufacturing plants. Rather striking from the highway, the complex’s six large branded silos. They rise from among the plant’s main buildings and look like, well . . . giant tubes of caulk.

Building Moxie Archive: Formstone :: BMoxies 1st Ever Photo Week – Day 2 (the Polyester of Brick)

Generically known as “formstone” a sort of “stamped stucco” remains on the street-facing exterior of many (row)homes in Baltimore, Maryland. It was applied widely from the 1930s to the 1960s. But as many of Baltimore’s urban areas experienced renewal in the late ’90s-early ’00s it became the norm to remove the now/then archaic finish. I have heard it said that formstone spread as wildly as a band-aid fix for the “cheap brick” used in the construction of many rowhomes. Rumor has it that some of these homes, built in the early part of the 20th century, employed brick salvaged from Baltimore’s Fire of 1904.

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie Tours American Standard Brands New Product Design Center :: History, Innovation & More

And the question did come up early, “Is American Standard the oldest plumbing product manufacturer?” As American Standard grew initially from a partnering of manufacturers . . . so too do they continue to grow, perhaps mirroring that early strategy, by adding elements like Safety Tubs, as well as the luxury lines Jado and Porcher, they continue. And these additions work not only to expand the heritage, but also very apparently add width to their product array. Read on to learn more.

Building Moxie Archive: GE Monogram’s Industry-First No HFC Frig with Convertible Bottom Drawer

Not only is it the first to offer this kind of flexibility, it is also the first EVER frig being manufactured with zero HFCs. That’s right — no Hydrofluorocarbons and none of that bad, bad ozone-depleting stuff. As I understand it, this is being accomplished in part by using a refrigerant called R600a to replace the traditional R134a coolant. A change too in the CP Foam process allows the company’s Decateur, AL plant to eliminate HFCs all together. Win. Win! [ . . . ]

Building Moxie Archive: Bourbon, Bats & Beautifully Elegant Appliances :: A Visit to GE in June

I know I owe you a post on my most recent trip to New York City and to see American Standard’s New Product Design Center. (Here’s Part 1.) But today both Barry and I are off to Kentucky — Louisville to be exact. (Building Moxie’s 4th official global summit of sorts.) And while I don’t have an exact head count, I know there will be a number of folks there that I recognize at least by name (or by twitter handle). There will be a number of the group too that I spent q-time with at Brizo’s Fashion Week. So stoked!

Building Moxie Archive:: American Standard & Building Moxie :: the Standard, the Story & the Sticking to It

. . . and beginning with the presentation “the Luxury Landscape and Design Trends” from Carter Thomas – Am Stand’s Senior Director of Design and Brand Management, some themes quickly emerged . . . and as always, these themes seem to help me decipher it all. Partially due to subject matter alone, but more from the general vibe on EVERYONE involved — we met and we talked intimacy (not like that), personality, and transition (among other social habits and trends). [ . . . ]

Building Moxie Archive: For Pros Only: Home Improvement Commission License Exam (Maryland – General Contractors) :: Building Moxie Takes a Test and Passes

I have known that licensing varies state to state, but I decided to ask around, and few friends of our Facebook page (go ahead like it) responded with what was required in their states. What I found basically — the regulations under which home improvements can be performed legally vary widely (like the grand canyon) from state to state, with some variations rolling down even to the municipality level. Read on to see what I got.

Building Moxie Archive: All Hallows Houses :: How to Stage a Haunted House

[By Barry Morgan] Haunted Houses are amazing. Not real Haunted Houses (though they may be) but the kind which spring up all over America in late October every year. I thought I might do my first technical post about the moxie behind these spontaneous fright show attractions. Read on to learn how to stage your own haunted house.

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie Goes to the Remodeling Show

The only product booths I spent more than a minute at were those of Tile*Redi, DuraDeck and Festool (more on that one down below). I was there, at the Show, for one reason and one reason only . . . no, actually two — to check it all out and well . . . to put some faces to some of the names, ok – in most cases . . . to the twitter handles that I know. [ . . . ]

Building Moxie Archive: Emotional Architecture :: Feelings for the World’s Great Architecture

[By Ana Manzo] It takes a lot of courage to open our hearts and express to the world how we feel at any given time, especially if the emotions that invade us, at that particular time, are negative. Some, those who dare, express themselves by crying, screaming, laughing, talking. But there are those too, who display emotion through creative expression (sometimes even unconsciously).

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie with One Project Closer :: An Interview with the DIY Home Improvement Site

Fred’s first big challenge it seems was recruiting Ethan, who at first was apprehensive. The fear: (my words) Would it be sustainable? Ethan’s words — The question, Would we have enough to write about? He learned quickly though, and now Fred’s words — As you work your way through a house over say five or six years – the projects just seem to come.

Ethan around this point provides insight into some of their underlying attitudes. He tells of the recent task of sweating on a copper plumbing value. On first attempt it leaked, he says. Jocie then chimes in to say, on the second attempt, it popped fully off – and Ethan laughs. He says, I feel that most people are probably the most intimidated with plumbing. But with everything, it’s really just getting over that initial hump – you know, the fear of failure. If you don’t get it right the first time, just rip it out and redo it. (life lesson!) Plus, as Jocie says, “We enjoy the work and, well, we enjoy saving the money.” [ . . . ]

Building Moxie Archive: Our Tour of the NAHBRC :: Your Friendly Neighborhood Building Research Center

Established in 1964, and remaining still as a fully-owned subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders, the NAHBRC enjoys a unique insider’s relationship with the housing industry. The for-profit institution has evolved through the years and works today under the primary mission to improve the quality of, as well as the durability, affordability and environmental performance of our nation’s housing stock. [ . . . ]

Building Moxie Archive: Sources Spotlight :: Budeke’s Paints – Paint History with One of America’s Oldest Paint Stores

To hear Bryan Koerber describe it, you would think he was there. We sold components, pigments in the form of pastes or powders – red lead, white lead; linseed oil; solvents like turpentine, Japan driers . . . the painters would take these raw materials and mix them by the batch in the field. Bryan is President of Budeke’s Paints and Decorating, one of oldest independent paint retailers in the country. Read on to see our discussion.

Building Moxie Archive: EPA’s New Lead Regulation (RRP) and How It Affects You

(By Sean Lintow, Sr.) – I am from the government and here to help you is often joked about as being ten of the most terrifying words that one could expect to hear in their lifetime. Now it appears that would fall to second place if you replace the word help with the word protect. Effective April 22nd, the EPA has a new regulation that goes into effect affecting anyone living in or working on pre-1978 houses that may contain lead. As a homeowner, there is nothing in there that says you have to follow, or even care about the regulation, but it is still going to affect you in many ways.

Building Moxie Archive: Building Moxie Archive :: If only you could drive your house up to the home center :: The Parallels Between Car Maintenance and Home Maintenance

These conditions are due, in part, to the temporal and fading nature of things. Much as a car’s odometer rolls with every tenth of a mile accumulated – your home loads on mileage, too, with each passing year. Short of noting proactive discretionary improvements, and extending beyond the mechanical equipment found in your home, all parts in, on or of your home will wear and ultimately fail (if left unchecked). [ . . . ]

Building Moxie Archive: The Free Estimate :: it might be obvious but at least …

While the use of the word free could remain open for debate; this strategy, in principle, is an efficient, effective and proven means of executing promotions. And — it should be said — efficient promotions, i.e. maximizing output with minimal input, in theory, helps keep cost down – for both the seller and, well, the buyer.

Building Moxie Archive :: Home Improvement is a little bit like Easy Baking

We then took our dough and kneaded it in some flour (wow, what a mess). We now had to take it and split it into 3 equal parts. What the instructions didn’t count on was that the girls had been hitting it up for minutes. They systematically licked everything clean, the bowl, the utensils, while simultaneously consuming any piece of dough not firmly attached to our mound lying there.

Building Moxie Archive: Cats, a Mouse & the Old House :: How Would You Make a Mouse House Doorway like Tom & Jerry?

On an interior wall, possibly already probed with a stud finder, I guess I’d probably grab a drill. Having removed the shoe molding and being careful not to damage the floor, I would drill two, I don’t know, 1″ holes where the baseboard meets the floor. These holes would be spaced maybe 3 1/2 apart – and they would represent the base of my arch.

I would then probably grab my compass (remember from geometry). After finding the center point between the outside of edges of both holes, and holding the fixed point off of the floor slightly, I would scribe the arch in a dark pencil line. [ . . . ]