As Barry and I are heading over to Chicago for this year’s 2011 Remodeling Show, I realize we have a lot of folks to thank for making it possible.  (In due time.)  And I know we did do (did do) a wacky thing here…. That is – beg for money.  I mean the inspiration hit me one afternoon while watching golf at my bro-in-law’s.  For the record, I never watch golf, and why not? . . . like I’d be some pro level golfer walking the Show’s links or something.

And truthfully, it occurred to me pretty early in that I really hadn’t figured out what exactly the value would be in something like this . . . you know – for someone (personal or professional) in these tough economic times.  And though we pretty quickly attracted the attention of the Show itself, still — Why would anyone “sponsor” a couple of . . . guys — to go to their industry’s primary trade show?  I mean — who’s to benefit?


I’ve yet to figure really which one of us is Ellwood.  I kinda think of us both as Jakes.  But I guess I get Ellwood by default.  I am taller and Barry is, well, the charming one. 
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It probably didn’t hit me until I was approached by friend, decorative tile artisan, and long-time supporter Cyra DuQuella @DuQuellaTile:

She started with something to the effect of “So how many miles (referencing the name of the campaign) would I have to cover to have you ‘represent me’ at the show?”

My response, and as I was just beginning (first of a few) to doubt that something like this could even be pulled off, I said – “Are you serious?”

Cyra’s come-back, and I’ll never forget, “I am always serious when I’m talking about ’tile’.”

. . .

Duquella Tile Twitter profileAnd pretty much like that . . . we had our first sponsor.  I quickly added an ad-like graphic to the side bar (over there >>), I promised to hand out promotional materials and I promised to tell the good people about her tile goodness.  I mean — no problem . . . done . . .  for a little donation.  (Synergy!)

Oh and I promised to do a feature on Cyra and her tile . . . (up in the next published post – later today).

And that’s it.  If you happen to Google upon this article — “One Way to Run an Online Fundraiser” . . . I say, it wasn’t so much how many “miles” that Cyra (the first backer) ended up “covering,” but rather the importance of having a more clearly defined proposition and . . . just some, no matter how little, of the “distance” to goal covered.  To that, Cyra — I thank you.  Your support was simply invaluable.  Without it, we likely would have given up or just flat out failed.  For reals.


Thanks for reading everyone.  A post on Cyra is scheduled to go in about an hour.  Enjoy!

What exactly we’ll be getting into in Chicago this week — I don’t know, but I’ll be tweeting under the #RMShow (& #106Miles) tag from the Show starting later this afternoon . . . you know — if you wanted to follow along.   In the greater Chicago area (or at the Show)?   You are absolutely invited to hang … Now We Need THE Band. Thanks. ~ jb

p.s.  If you were ever wondering about pics of Barry & I together.  These may be the only in existence:


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  1. Of the two of you, Barry’s the only I’ve ever seen wearing a hat. You both need fedoras. And black suits and ties. And say hello to the Penguin for me! :-)

    Anyway, safe travels and have a lot of fun! Planning to follow both hash tags… ~John

  2. thanks Todd. today was getting acclimated and having fun. weather great. and hopefully some good stories to come. On a side note met Stacey from Crown Point y’day — she had nothing but good things to say about you and your visit. cheers.

  3. heh! “say hello to the Penguin…” for the record, just this weekend I was standing over a fedora … buy or not to buy… and I’ll guess you’ll have to continue to follow us for the outcome. cheers my friend.

  4. so happy to make this connection. and you know Joan owe you a great bit of thanks in this equation too. could have just as easily featured you. thanks and love. ~jb

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