I remember talking with Todd Fratzel. We interviewed him here for the blog >>> Blogging Success with Todd Fratzel.  When discussing the name of his publishing entity, Front Steps Media, I remember asking him where that name was derived from.  His answer, “Front Steps Media was a bit of a joke in reference to the constant stream of samples that are left on my front steps on a daily basis.”

Well, let’s say, this “phenomenon” is beginning to happen a little with Building Moxie. While certainly not on a daily basis, frequent enough where I figure I can mention it.  And this week, two products arrived, both of which I will give a few words.  A Look at Two New . . . Tools.



channellock code blue pliers

First, a package arrived containing CHANNELLOCK® CODE BLUE® pliers… two sets actually; they ended up on my side door step for my perusal, the 430CB 10.5” tongue & groove pliers and the 318CB 8.38” needle nose pliers. Truthfully, I am pretty stoked especially about the needle nose, because I have never really owned a quality pair of needle nose pliers before (and back to that in a minute).

channellock code blue made in usaThe 10.5” 430CB is sized (and shaped) just a little larger than the standard/traditional mid-size CHANNELLOCKs I have always owned.  But the first thing I noted with these was the distinctive blue … and red hardened handles (read: composite thermoplastic elastomer cores and over-molds . . . grips).  My eye was fast too to the phrase, “Made in U.S.A.” – proudly stamped on them.

Made in the USA

As attached copy tells me, this is actually a re-launch on this line of tools, effectively “re-shoring” the production of the grips.  In other words, to better control quality, the production of these grips has moved to CHANNELLOCK’s hometown of Meadville, PA.  Of this move, Ryan DeArment, vice president of sales and marketing at Channellock, Inc. says, “By making every part of the CODE BLUE® line in the United States, our customers win because they get a quality, American-made tool. At the same time, CHANNELLOCK® wins because it makes good business sense.”

For me, the needle nose have an amazingly smooth action and a surprisingly wide spread.  While the tool feels very balanced and the handles are, without a doubt, comfortable, I wonder how they’ll do in the extreme cold of a winter outdoors (you know, potentially becoming slippery).  Either way, I am excited to put both sets through the paces here soon.

Editor’s Note: You can find CODE BLUE® and other fine hand tools from CHANNELLOCK® on Amazon. (And purchases made by way this site, help fund us. We do receive a small commission.)

channellock code blue 318CB Needle Nose Spread


Monster Proof Paint TM

Monster Proof Paint Can

Second and maybe you saw me tweeting a few weeks back with the twitter handle @MonsterProofPNT.  Monster Proof Paint(TM) is a new and (in my words) very ingenuous children’s sleep-aid.  According to a letter from founders Peter Ambrosino & Izzy Eisenberg, “Each year Americans spend over $25 billion on sleep aids of all kinds for children. Monster Proof Paint™ is a safe and creative solution for kids, offering a good night’s sleep.”

The Monster Proof Paint™ kit I received includes:

  • · Full color label to placed over any brand of paint to transform it into Monster Proof Paint™
  • · Full color illustrated story book to read with your children
  • · Packet of safe, non-toxic Monster Proof Powder
  • · Instruction sheet on how to use the product effectively

Monster Proof Paint KitNow, as someone who personally has two beautiful Princessitects that (even at ages 6 and 8) frequently complain about the “monsters” that stop them from making their way upstairs, alone . . . I mean — like every night . . . you can see why this one grabbed my eye.  Brilliant! I thought.  The label alone, I mean … if I could just sell it to the girls.

And alas, I wish I could give you some images of the product in action (we do have plans to paint our upstairs playroom in the coming months), and I wish I had a report on whether or not it actually works . . . for me.  For now, though, all I’ll say is . . . a standard one gallon paint can measures between 7 1/2″ and 7 3/4″ tall, the Monster Proof Paint sturdy label measures at 6 3/4″ x 9 1/4″ (good).

Monster Proof Paint is available on Amazon. (Unfortunately now unavailable.) It retails for $10.99, and maybe Peter and Izzy will make a re-fill pack available soon . . . (you know, because it often takes more than one gallon of paint to paint a room… just sayin’).

Monster Proof Paint logo


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