An Old, New Post: Change is Inevitable; Growth is Optional

(Date Line: November 28th, 2015) At its core, I still want Building Moxie to be about decision making and problem solving, about building confidence and skill specific to the former but as it relates to and helps us execute home improvement projects. Areas that I seem to learn a little about daily. And okay, of course, I have had my hands in a few other projects around the house. Unfortunately, for none, have I had the time to fit into a new “editorial standard.”

How to Fix Everything … Everytime … Everywhere

(Date Line: September 27, 2014) Despite the title “How to Fix Everything … Everytime … Everywhere,” I really don’t write about fixing anything. The story is my patio punch out – all old house project stuff – insulating drain pipes, building skirt walls, flooring and electrical in the “crawl space”, a concrete pond redo, landscape around the hardscape … posts, pics and vids queued and regrets about not being able to post them.