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Highlights include:

  • Cucumber driven Selenium Automation in Ruby using Capybara &  RSpec.
  • Remote Preventative Testing, using Agile Methodologies – SQL, API, Chrome Dev Tools.
  • Implemented initial team-wide XSS Security Testing Strategy.

To learn more about my Quality Assurance background, please visit my resume page on this site.

Key Accomplishments

  • Essential in the Product Engineering effort as a Remote Agile Tester on distributed cross-functional teams. Key contributor to core features from Workflow Automation to Predictive Analytics. Additional feature credits included – Gantt-based Account Management and User Surveys. Helped to grow Churnzero to an industry leading Customer Success platform.
  • Mentored  new/junior QA team members, providing 1-to-1 training on product, processes, & test automation best practices, while contributing to departmental documentation in Confluence.
  • Implemented department-wide XSS Security Testing Strategy, integrating with the overall manual testing checklist/template. This reduced test automation effort and minimized hits on yearly PenTest audits. 
  • Built, executed, and maintained 100s of Cucumber-driven Selenium Automation Tests in Ruby, incorporating Capybara & RSpec. Managed and reviewed code in Github, helping to grow the total number of tests above 5000, which itself supported a fast-to-market, weekly release cadence.
  • End-to-end test planning, story & defect tracking w/ Jira’s Kanban. Added to the internal knowledge base. Developed comprehensive test plans, integrating key components to the unit-wide Manual Testing Checklist. These test plans also often informed test automation coverage maps, saving external teams time during spin up and training.
  • Employed a wide range of test strategies, including direct SQL analysis using Azure Data Studio. Staged test data and provided early-stage API Testing of calls/responses using the internal REST API. Provided cross-browser UI and API testing Chrome Dev Tools and Postman + Swagger, respectively. 
  • Acted as next-tier escalation and triage point for Support.  First responder on nightly automation test failures using Jenkins, affording developer steps for reproduction – including screencasts and screen grabs, test cases and insights for quick bug fix responses. 

To find out more about the transformative power of Documentation in Quality Assurance, and the Content that is generated, reach out any time on LinkedIn. ~jb bartkowiak