Social: Building Moxie

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Project: ECHOtape

A US manufacturer of tape products, contributed project, photos and post for ECHOtape‘s TAPED blog. * June 10 2014 — TAPED by ECHOTape :: MASKING TAPE HELPS RESTORE ORIGINAL VINTAGE WOOD WINDOW SCREENS

Project: Built By Kids

Built by Kids is a premier destination dedicated to engaging children early with building things. In 2012, partnered with my six-year-old daughter to produce this simple redo. * Apr 18 2012 — Built by Kids :: Transform a Trash Can into a Recycling Bin

Project: Black + Decker

A project & piece for global tool manufacturer Black + Decker.  Contributed a build, photos and post in 2015. * May 2015 — Black + Decker:: Build a Cedar Box for Storage  

Feature: BuildDirect

BuildDirect is a leading online warehouse for building products. In 2011, contributed a two-part series on staying sane while remodeling. * Feb 8 2011 — BuildDirect Blog :: Home Remodeling Sanity, Part 2:  Questions to Ask Yourself * Feb 1 2011 — BuildDirect Blog :: Home Remodeling Sanity, Part 1: The Dastardly Ds

Editorial: Building Moxie boasts a UVPM = 50+k. Since its 2010 redesign, it has seen 200+ contributors and has served over 1 million pages. JB served as both primary content producer as well as editor. Here are some highlights – * Behind Every Great Man Stands a Woman Rolling Her Eyes || How to Select an Interior […]