Content Marketing: Media Tours

Member of various Media Tours, which included product focused events and in some cases factory tours. In most cases, each tour was followed with a brand/product spotlight. Here are some highlights: * Dig This! AMES Tools Built America. :: The Tool School Media Event * How We Run :: Building Moxie Tours John Deere Horicon Works […]

Content Marketing: Building Moxie

Various paid content marketing opportunities negotiated. While core messaging was part of contract terms, creative dominion fell to Building Moxie.  Here are some highlights: * Pressure Washing Basics :: Cleaning with “House Wash” from Krud Kutter *  DIY Home Improvement Essential Skills :: How to Install a Wire Nut * The Benefits of New Roofing :: GAF […]

Editorial: Building Moxie boasts a UVPM = 50+k. Since its 2010 redesign, it has seen 200+ contributors and has served over 1 million pages. JB served as both primary content producer as well as editor. Here are some highlights – * Behind Every Great Man Stands a Woman Rolling Her Eyes || How to Select an Interior […]