Let’s Upcycle That Spring, Put It Out on the Curb and Slap a For Sale Sign On It

Seriously I don’t know where that Spring went. Sure I worked on my gutters but really, I think that’s about it. I did play a vital, okay – a minor support, role for Mrs. Moxie as she finished up her 2nd flip and they do have a signed contract after only two days (no jinx). Can you say – Superstar!? Oh! And the first one? Here >> Bride of Building Moxie Does with Flipping Houses. Anyway … add to that softball four nights a week, and it felt like that was my Spring.

kitchen Mrs Moxie Second Flip

As we slide into Summer, and travel softball, I’m now onto the thankless and time-consuming task of cleaning up glazing, exterior paint and the flashing around some of our wood windows.

Doesn’t necessarily lead to readily-available or even engaging blog content. So, in lieu of adding to a new DIY Essential Skills series, I’ll tell you quickly about three fun Spring outings … and we’ll call it all – Building Moxie’s Spring Wrap Up. Wait! I guess I did actually fit some stuff in, and boy, I best not forget about my visit with the fine folks at John Deere.


HomeTalk’s Lucketts Meet-Up

First, Lucketts Spring Market.  This actually occurred at the beginning of May, and my visit came about through a VIP invitation from HomeTalk.com.  The Market blooms up once a year around Old Lucketts Store – just a quick drive from Baltimore and just outside the town of Leesburg, VA.

Spring Wrap Up Lucketts Spring Market EntranceOld Lucketts Store

As I learned, the Store itself is a sorta mecca for all things Shabby … Vintage Hip.  As I heard, now selling online – items from Lucketts have popped up as far away as the Galapagos Islands. With some 15 acres, hundreds of vendors, food and music – the Market itself came on very much like a County Fair.

Vendors Lucketts Spring Market
Vendors Lucketts Spring Market 2

While I’m pretty certain that Mrs. Moxie would have been down with some pickin’, I went primarily to visit with the good people at the HomeTalk-sponsored meet-up.  Most specifically, I wanted to get time with Junk Star and Hometalk Ambassador Donna Williams (aka Funky Junk Donna).  She had flown in from British Columbia for the event.  It was fun watching her entertain and actually work.  (Here is her personal take – or at least one of a few, on the Lucketts Meet-up, which in turn links to a lot of other great coverage.)

– Check our Facebook page for a quick interview with Donna.

Donna Williams Demostrating and fielding questions from a fan

Funky Junk Donna in Action

Spring Wrap Up with Funky Junk Donna

I enjoyed my time around the booth as well as my time walking the rows of vendors.  Quick shouts here to fellow local(ish) bloggers Karen @ the Graphics Fairy and Jessica @ Dear Emmeline (her husband Josh too), as well as breida with a b. and others who made the trip from just a little further away.

A West Virginia Cabin Visit 

Second, this was the first year in a few I made the trek for my in-law’s yearly family reunion. It is held just outside of Lewisburg, WV.  They (my in-laws) actually own a mountain there.  Yep a mountain, or at least the top of it – and I guess that’s just how folks roll in WV.  (They still live full-time about an hour north of us here.)

Spring Wrap Up

And really, what’s the big deal about that?  Well, after many unsuccessful attempts (some before I was around), they finally got it done – built a cabin, up on that old hilltop.  It replaces a trailer that once lived there and accompanies a rather large fishing pond they added a few years back.

blog cabin across the fishing pond

Clad in T111 and capped with red metal roofing, the design (with some modifications) actually survived an image Mrs. Moxie’s Mom tore from a copy of Better Homes & Gardens in 1989.  It was built directly on top of a stone foundation that held another cabin itself many many years ago.

cabinet with old log building west virginia

Not yet insulated, heated or closed up with drywall, it got fairly cold the night before Memorial Day.  (I’d say, 32 or there abouts.) In that state, it was fun to get a good look at the 2×6 wall & roof framing and its properly installed ridge vent. Large matching front and rear porches and a large single-roomed sleeping area upstairs completes the true cabin feel.

Got to give credit, and some love, to Mrs. Moxie-in-Law. A lifelong property owner/manager and a landlord, she’s an “original redneck DIY mama” << Mrs Moxie’s words.  And for the record, she has taught me a thing or two through the years.

Mrs Moxie in Law

Mrs Moxie-in-law

Ikea’s Creating Your Dream Kitchen featuring This Old House Editors Alex & Amy … Revisited

Third, on an invitation from Bill Meiswinkel, the Marketing Manager at my (local) Ikea Baltimore, I ran over for the presentation Design Your Dream Kitchen.  And if this story line sounds familiar (for a regular reader), well, it should.  I went last year >> Creating a Cook Space That Works for You.

Ikea Design Your Dream Kitchen

Alex Bandon (Online Editor @ This Old House) and Amy Hughes (former Features Editor and contributor) walked a pretty packed house through the basics of kitchen design – budget, standards in construction, materials and layout.  Surprisingly, both recognized me, and we had a fun little laugh over the fact that I may in fact be a groupie.

Amy Hughes Alex Bandon Presenting at Ikea

Seriously, though – the pair give this presentation in several locations around the country and if you happen to be in the early stages of a kitchen redo – I’d recommend popping into see them.  They are both very approachable and are very willing to answer specific questions.

Amy Hughes Alex Bandon answering questions


Now, onto July. I’m still toying around with making a pledge for an all Made in the USA only month (sorry Ikea), but idk – I’ll try to enjoy it either way. You too. ~jb

the kids walking down a country road


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