A feeling of being stuffed.  As full as possible with information and then topped still with experiences and fun, new names and new places . . . a mind full of thoughts – some self-critiquing, others energizing and inspiring.  How do you go about putting it all down and to good use? Answer a Product Round Up!

And that’s where I am at.  Our visit last week to Chicago, and only the 2nd time for me in my lifetime — the 2011 Hanley Wood- and NAHB-sponsored Remodeling Show.

Hanley Wood & NAHB-sponsored Remodeling Show sign

The Remodeling Show is part conference — packed with educational seminars. It is also part product showcase and part show — complete with live action demos. Targeted to those working in the residential remodeling industry, it is a great place to connect and network, and to learn.  Barry and I attended as a team, we tried to balance personal interests with those of this blog.

Over the next few weeks, we will work to get our thoughts on, around and about the Show down. Today, and starting easy, again, I’ll do a short product round up.


It’d be naive to think . . . and I shutter at all I might have missed from the 250+ exhibitors.  Of course, it was hard to miss such things as Nissan’s entrance into commercial vehicles (and for the record:  Yes! Gorgeous ladies do draw us over), it was hard to miss DAP Products’ bold new DAP Spec Line launch (more on this soon), and it was hard to miss the tried and true . . . the understated awesomeness of Crown Point Cabinetry (a BMoxie sponsor) … but here it is:  Take one on my take-away, a few notable products (or companies) that deserve some print (read: web-space).  Enjoy!

* ProVia’s Concept Door


The spotlight in the ProVia booth was on a new Concept Door. Designed to raise the bar on energy efficiency. The door is 2-1/2” thick, greatly exceeding the standard 1-3/4” door. The door design is based on ProVia’s Signet fiberglass doors and more than doubles the sealing surface as compared to a traditional entry door. This door design was used by The Ohio State University as part of their entry in the 2011 Solar Decathlon. Bravo ProVia.

* EcoStud Track and Stud Framing System ::  100% Recycled Plastic Furring Products


The EcoStud® Track and Stud System is a simple concept designed for the novice, do-it-yourself installer. Common tools, standard fasteners, and general construction know-how is all you need for first-time installation. Professionals will enjoy familiar framing techniques in less time and with little effort. The EcoStud® Track and Stud System is safe to handle with no sharp edges and lightweight for quick job stocking.  Applications include non load bearing exterior walls and interior partition walls.

EcoStud products are manufactured with 100% recycled plastic.  The insulative properties of plastic eliminate cold spots on walls, reduce sound transmission, and improve R-Values.

* Trim-Tex Drywall Products


In the business of corner beads for more than 40 years. And considering the number of available profiles, their stuff approaches “drywall art.” And in fact, they use this term.  From the websiteTrim-Tex coined the phrase “drywall art”, which accurately describes the adaptive use of materials and accessories to enhance the standard flat and squared edged world of drywall. Drywall art has variety of forms, including decorative archways, rounded edges, and even reveal effects such as shelves and stepped ceilings.

WoodTrac by Saunder Ceiling System* WoodTrac by Saunder Ceiling System


Known for their furniture, Saunder launched the WoodTrac product last year.  It offers options to dress up the plain and boring drop-ceiling.  While available in a natural wood or in a textured feel, focus on the floor seemed to be on the paintable option.  From last year’s releaseSauder Woodworking Co. recently introduced a new division, WoodTrac Ceiling System, that allows do-it-yourselfers to create the ultimate ceiling at home. Holding to its standards of high quality, WoodTrac gives consumers an affordable, D.I.Y coffered ceiling with panels following a track system over a suspended grid ceiling.

* ZipUP’s UnderDeck System


Apparently ceiling finishing systems are big this year.  And while they offer an interior solution. I was impressed with the Under Decking solution, and specifically with the ease of installation demo on it.  This system finishes off the underside of your deck providing for dry space without sacrificing headroom or the beauty of your deck. The Zip-UP UnderDeck SProLine Drain by QuickDrain USAystem provides all of the same advantages of the ceiling system including ease of installation, a washable mold resistant surface, while channeling any water from above to your gutter system.

* ProLine Drain by QuickDrain USA


With inline drains making such a splash (at least with my friends @ecomod) at KBIS earlier this year (and *ahem* in Chicago next year) … how could I not jump on this one?  Oh! And BMoxie has an amazing personal connection with this company … friends from a past life.  A nice product sampling, including customizable options from 10 inches to 10 feet, the press kit targeted specifically bathtub to walk-in shower replacement.  (A trend that friends at American Standard cited earlier this year.)

See more coverage on QuickDrain in our feature here: Installing a Zero Clearance Shower Drain.

Sani Seal Toilet Gasket* Sani Seal Toilet Gasket


Sani Seal Toilet Gasket is a new waxless toilet seal/gasket.  Its unique design holds bolts upright and gasket in place allowing a quick, clean and easy toilet installation. No guess work. It allows the installer to know 100% that there is a positive seal between the toilet and the flange. The Sani Seal works on ALL FLANGES; from cast iron to 4″ PVC to inside 3″.  It even works on flanges with inside shelves and off-set outlets. The Sani Seal works on ALL toilets, and even works great for most rear-outlet toilets. Some people have used Sani Seal with their wall-hung type toilets.

* Simpson Door’s Nantucket Collection 


Modifications to the bottom rail of traditional wood exterior door gives this line of doors superior performance.  Simpson Door remains a BMoxie fave for interiors (How to Select an Interior Door), but the mortise and tenon styling on the Nantucket Collection is just straight up sexy.

* Custom Service Hardware’s InvisiDoor


Custom Service Hardware's InvisiDoor inswingWith the first production hidden door, you are no longer forced to pay custom prices and suffer through long delays for a hidden door. The InvisiDoor conceals a seldom used room, creates a hidden safe room, or turns a door into a functional storage and display area.

Here is what the InvisiDoor can offer:

  • Sized to fit standard openings for a 36″ door.
  • Simple installation with our unique pivot hinge.
  • Can be hinged left or right as an inswing or outswing. (Template included)
  • Made with only premium plywood and domestic hardwoods. (Cherry, Maple and RedOak — BMoxie Note: not cheap)
  • Flexible design with one fixed shelf, and three adjustable shelves.
  • Unfinished —ready to be stained or painted.
  • Recommended weight limit not to exceed 50 lbs.
  • Product ships via truck line to protect items.

DANVER DD&C, LLC Outdoor Kitchen* DANVER’s Stainless Steel Cabinetry


Holding down the Show’s Outdoor Living PavilionDANVER Cabinetry is likely the most recognizable name in the steadily growing arena of outdoor kitchens.  Now offering dishwashers, grills, range hoods and the like, they have cemented their place.  Constructed to work in any outdoor space; DANVER’s stainless steel cabinetry is manufactured to create the finest outdoor kitchens, transforming the outdoors into a private entertainment center. DANVER, the nation’s premier outdoor kitchen manufacturer, created its stainless steel cabinetry to be designer-friendly with flexible design configurations including base cabinets available in three inch increments from 12 to 48 inches wide, and wall cabinets from 12 inches to 42 inches in various heights.


Congrats out too to Bilco Company, who I missed at the show.  You know — the Kleenex of basement doors, and makers of many other innovative products are celebrating their 85th year as a third-generation, family-owned business.

** Building Moxie — celebrating year 2 at the Remodeling Show, back soon to tell you more.  I should note that all product spotlighting was unsolicited.  In fact, Crestview Door for one sponsored Building Moxie‘s trip to the Remodeling Show. Thanks for reading. ~jb

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  1. I am sensing a cameo appearance by you and your brother coming on. thanks Paul! have you implemented everything you learned yet?

  2. It was a good show this year. I was very impressed with the new products presented at the show. I also liked the EcoStud.

    What was the name of the concrete pattern shown at the show? I should remember but I don’t. It was awesome.

  3. hi Chris … @ChrisCBaldwin — I think EcoStud was at the show last year, but I missed — this year it was more of a fly by. I like the idea. Not sure exactly what you are referencing in the “concrete pattern” … the SureTouch Old Castle pavers system that was in the New Product Alley? anyways — cheers thanks for chiming in.

  4. I liked it too…I wish they would show in something other than oak. oh wells and still nothing on your “secret past”. Ha! Cheers. Sandy thanks.

  5. Well, I like anything with the word “stud” in it. That invisi-door is way cool. But my favorite is the final one – the stainless steel outdoor cabinets. Aaaaaahhhhh. Can’t wait to hear about your further adventures.

  6. so much to see so little time. this is likely pt.1 only of our product roundup more to come hopefully and including some adventures in ChiTown. InvisiDoor definitely nifty. thanks. sis!

  7. Nice product overview, jb! Looking forward to more on the show. The InvisiDoor will work well in the formal study of my evil lair (just gotta find the castle first, and I should be all set :-)

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