So last week was National Roofing Week, and ironic, but it seems roofing for months has been a pretty consistent topic of conversation for me. Must be something about Spring/Summer. And I guess I am ultra-sensitive to these topics, but I have actually caught myself listening to the frequent radio spots in drive-time. Local roofing companies offering their best discounts through April, May, June and now into July – the months that we ramp up and head full bore into the home’s busiest season. In my neck of the woods – also the rainiest time of the year.

GAF Woodland Tuscan Sunset



What does the roof do for us?

Well, it’s the pinnacle of homeownership, ha! The figurative and literal “roof over our heads.”

There are few projects that are more undervalued. When installing a new roof, the benefits of new roofing – in terms of added security, piece of mind, aesthetics and value are almost immediately felt.

I think about this fact sometimes as I drive though the parts of Baltimore near me … where rehab opportunities are ample. And I see it – the fixers-uppers – so in need of TLC and how they can be and are instantly dressed up with a new lid. (Not a bad rehab strategy either btw – similar to “drying in” – starting at the top and working down.)

Considering a New Roof? See What the Experts Say

There are many resources out there. Take this resource from GAF Roofing – a helpful guide, meant to educate both the pro and the homeowner alike.

GAF Roofing Style Guide

The Roofing Shingle Design & Style Guide adds an entirely new dimension to gaf.com. Of it, the company says, “Launching in 2014, (the guide) is an interactive, visually engaging educational “tool” that helps the homeowner educate herself before she meets with contractors in the home.”

Wow! “Herself” & “She” … You might be quick to notice the decidedly feminine approach for this page.  A centralized block draws comparison between lady shoe style and, well, shingle type. Clicking a “Regal” style for example displays the Sienna®Shingle from GAF.

GAF Roofing Sienna for a Regal Feel

The Design & Style Guide also houses tips from Style Expert HGTV’s Carter Oosterhouse and Color Expert Genevieve Gorder.

Oosterhouse says, “I always tell homeowners to make sure your roof matches the architectural style of the home.”

He continues, “Sometimes homeowners have a difficult time making a decision on a new roof, because they can’t visualize the final product. The style of the home may lend itself to a certain type of shingle, but at the end of the day it’s got to fit your personal style.”

Gorder picks it up, “I think the roof is often an overlooked element in the exterior design planning of a home.” Continuing she says, “The roof, on the exterior is similar to your floors in the interior, they both make up about 30% of the surface area, so what you choose has a big impact on the aesthetic as a whole.”

Virtual Home Remodeler Customize Your Own Home

Right Roofing Color?

She fires back – “Where do you live?” She offers this super tip >> “If you live in a warmer climate, lighter colored shingles will reflect heat while in a cooler climate, darker shingles will help retain heat.”

As far as actual color, what colors are in your palette and what colors are in your environment? Gorder finishes:

Look for the 4 or 5 other colors that exist within the exterior and pull one to complement the primary color of your home. Look at the mortar between the brick, the color of the stones within your landscaping, the highlights and lowlights of the eaves, porch colors, etc. Create a little juxtaposition between the house color and the roof color. … Let your roof color blend into the nature of your environment for a more seamless, natural aesthetic.

As Oosterhouse highlights, a Virtual Home Remodeler allows you to pick the style of home that most resembles your own (or even upload your own photo), and play with all of the options until you find what works for you. Mix and match, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

I decided to play with it some myself … watch as I play with the house style, trim and siding colors. It’s actually surprisingly easy finding a roof that works.

Virtual Home Remodeler

click to view Video


The Visualizer features many of GAF’s more popular options:

Sienna®Classic Old World Elegance… At An Incredibly Affordable Price. Sienna® Shingles are a great alternative to standard architectural shingles – and will add a touch of Old World elegance to any home. Their unique diamond shape and stylish color palette are designed to complement virtually any exterior color scheme.

Sienna Harbor Mist House Phot
Sienna® Shingle

Woodland®The Stylish Look Of Hand-Cut European Shingles… At An Incredibly Affordable Price. Designed after the look of hand-cut, European shingles, Woodland® Shingles combine rustic charm with 21st-century style that will make your home look spectacular.


Woodland® Shingle

Timberline® American Harvest™Colors From The Heartland Of America. Designed to complement your home’s exterior color scheme, the American Harvest Collection™ will give you that modern architectural style you want, at a price you can afford! Its custom color palette, designed exclusively for GAF by color industry expert Patricia Verlodt, features subtle blends with contrasting colors that are designed to enhance your home’s exterior and give it unexpected depth and beauty.

Timberline® American Harvest™

But it’s more than just a great-looking shingle. Professional installers have long preferred the rugged, dependable performance that only a Timberline® roof can offer. Add to that the Women’s Choice Award and the Good Housekeeping Seal, and it’s no wonder why GAF Timberline® Shingles with Advanced Protection® Technology are the #1-selling shingles in all of North America.


Spring and Summer are the Right Time

If anything is clear from viewing the new site,  there is now a shingle way beyond boring old 3-tab (or even architectural) that can match your home and even more importantly … your style. I mean – you know Summer is the time and all that is left to reap the value and benefits of new roofing is to make your pick.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

For more from us on Exteriors or  Roofing, including Tips for Selecting Roof Colors to Complement Brick or Stone Exteriors – I welcome you to stick around and click. Cheers!  ~jb 

18 thoughts on “Building Moxie :: The Benefits of New Roofing :: GAF Roofing’s Website Makes It Easy Like a Click of the Heels

  1. Thanks jb for the great tutorial. I really appreciate the video because a roof is sooooo expensive and seeing what it’ll look like in the end is super helpful. It’s way cool that you can upload a pic of your own house. Sweet.

  2. fortunately, it is something you only need to do every 15, 20, 25, 30 years (if it is installed correctly). on the other side – it is something you have to live with that long. ha! Simply because of its size – it plays a huge role in the home’s overall aesthetic. Tools like the Style Guide help take a little bit of that pressure off. Thanks Jeff. cheers and a super weekend. ~jb

  3. As a GAF dealer, we are very happy with their online customization features. I find that many people are shocked with all of the modern day materials and styles available. The roof has become another design consideration. Great post, thank you for getting the word out.

  4. Thanks for the great information, I like when videos are made because this is sometimes for many of us easier to see then to read. It is nice and helpful, Great job

  5. As proven by these pictures, homes can really look greater with the right roofing choices. I’m a firm believer of this and I think so many homeowners are failing to realize the importance of good roofs.

  6. Roofing shingles are a beautiful touch. Absolute elegance and style. It sure beats the standard house tiles and tin roofs we see these days. .

  7. Agreed Findley. Roofing is not only practical, but architecturally – pretty sizable. Takes up all your house. Thanks for you common. Sorry for the slow response. ~jb

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