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Along with playing an “insider” at KBIS, and beyond generally being pampered like a prince, one of my favorite parts of BlogTour Vegas was receiving an exclusive tour of Walker Zanger’s Las Vegas showroom.

As I mentioned in my earlier write-ups, this location sometimes appears on the A&E show Flipping Vegas. We got to see it first hand and intimately. And trying to put that the best I can … Wow! Just Wow!

medium format tile @ Walker Zanger

I think going in I always associated Walker Zanger with grained “medium-format” tile and/or modern mosaic patterns – much of what you’d find in a more commercial setting. Yes, sure, I saw a bunch of that, but I was actually quite surprised by the diversity of offerings, for the home.

Selection Walker Zanger

Their selections run the (residential) gamut, from a more traditional subway-type tile to the tried and true proud porcelain. We saw hand-painted ceramics and a full range of textured materials – some with a pronounced faux-leather feel, others (from their 2012 release -the AnTeak line) of reclaimed teak (wood).

AnTeak Collection from Walker Zanger

That coupled with a warehouse full of gorgeous counter material … granite, marble, soapstone and more.

Counter Materials Walker Zanger

via Chasen West for Modenus

Setting the tone, we were greeted by a large (10’ by 8’ -ish) “stand-up,” the words written across the top – “What Will You Create?”

While of course I knew Walker Zanger as a recognized leader in stone and tile, it took Jared Becker, Vice President of Design and Marketing, to inform us that the company is actually (still) celebrating its 60th Anniversary year.

Jared Becker Walker Zanger

Jared Becker, at left. via Chasen West for Modenus

The company has a rich history surely. From its founding in New York in 1952, where Leon Zanger and Marvin Walker initially promoted marble tops to the New York furniture industry, the company in just 10 years expanded to Los Angeles – where they are now currently headquartered.

Walker Zanger 60 years

Along that timeline, it is interesting to see Walker Zanger credited with many of the advancements that make tile installation what it is today. In the 1960s, they introduced the 3/8” thick stone tile. In the 1980s, also, they introducing marble mosaics mounted to a mesh backing. Both are conventions we still know today.

What’s New for 2014?

As we’re told, this year’s theme is decoration, and the team at Walker Zanger Las Vegas gave us a super fun way to … discover it – a scavenger hunt. Truthfully, I had no chance at “winning,” with all the fast fingers on BlogTour, but I did complete the task and posted the highlights from it to our Pinterest.

Two collections, one called Duquesa, which is decidedly hand-painted, and Tangent, with roots in the 20th Century, are great examples of what Walker Zanger calls “its interpretation of a thousand years of decoration through its own modern lens.”

BlogTour Scavenger Hunt

Lisa Mende & Tangent Astral Night

When asked which collections he most loves, Becker says – of course he is fond of the work in the 2014 lines, but he also references some of the releases from recent years, including JetSet & SHIFT.

All and all it was a thoroughly inspiring visit. With fifteen showrooms in eight states, plus a robust network of authorized dealers, I’d suggest that Walker Zanger is definitely worth a look on that next tile or stone project.

Duquesa Collection

Duquesa Collection


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