Coming full circle and finally putting my posts from the Remodeling Show to bed, I wanted to highlight a final few products and people.  Something about each grabbed my attention, and here’s why.


* NanaWall

NanaWallWell it’s NanaWall; they do have significant offerings in the residential sector, and if you haven’t seen them yet >> Operable Glass Wall Systems.  Cool, right?  I have never used them myself, nor have I ever known anyone (locally) that has ever speced them on a project.  But straight up, you want houses and views with a drool … just spend a little time in their gallery here >> http://www.nanawall.com/Gallery2/index.aspx.

* Abatron

A long time favorite of friend Jason Whipple, Abatron had a simple, yet pretty powerful demonstration of their Liquid Wood and WoodEpox lines set up. Using nothing more than a set of petri dishes, these products were stacked against other leading wood and metal fillers.  Cured samples displayed more denseness, less shrinkage and fewer air pockets when compared to competitors.  While they also had concrete repair products on display, I was won on their Wood Restoration System.  Check them at Abatron.com.

* Thermique

Thermique Glass Towel WarmersFunny little story here . . . Raven L. Cobb had appeared for me as a Facebook friend recommendation for several months (not sure why exactly I didn’t pull the trigger). So much so that when I saw her “manning” the Thermique booth, I busted out with a “Hey, Raven Cobb!” . . . Like we were some kind of old friends.   It ended up being all good though (ha!), and once we got that out of the way, I had a moment to take in the features. Thermique Glass Towel Warmers taut “No more bars, No more walls.”

* CedarSafe

What can I say?  As long as there have been closets, there has been cedar to line them.  Cedar not only naturally repels bugs, but it also smells pretty darn good.  When we had a few minutes at this booth, it was interesting to learn that there is in fact a growing business in closet renewals.   While their plank packs and panels are easy to install, CedarSafe recommends follow up re-treatments of Cedar Oil every few years.

* ZipWall

Zipwall dust barrier crossbarsWhile highlighting a system that now includes both adjustable top and bottom rails, not much really changes with ZipWall.  It’s just a smart product/system that helps keep both contractors RRP compliant and, well, work zones dust free . . . no matter who you are.   For available options, zipwall.com.

* BuildTools

Believe me when I say, and maybe you know a little about Barry’s personality, but I don’t know if I have ever seen his eyes get so wide.   A focus for Barry  professionally has been putting management systems in place.  The still newish BuildTools offers an end-to-end cloud-based construction management system.  It impressed with its slick mac-like look and feel.  Sven and Chad too, themselves down from the land of building (Minnesota), impressed because of their background in building.  For more on BuildTools or to request a demo BuildTools.com.

* Spray on products from Spray-Lock and Grace

Grace Vycor Pro and spray-on house wrapWhile Homax has had a spray-on tile adhesive on the market for some time, I marveled at the buzz that surrounded the Spray-Lock Adhesive camp.  (I mean seriously this booth seemed to be jammed for three days straight.)

Spray-on Air and Vapor Barriers from Grace seemed like a neat idea as well.  (Sorry I don’t have more info on this one, but pic at right.)

* Exterior Portfolio

While I did not actually catch them at the Show, I have had a handful of back and forths with them surrounding it.   A part of the Royal Building Product family, Exterior Portfolio it is very close to what I would consider a custom (vinyl) siding provider.  An online tool, the Dream Designer, allows you to easily design how the cladding on the exterior of your home could look.  Choose from 20 pre-formatted houses, or register and upload your house, to begin experimenting.  You can save to a project folder while comparing multiple designs.  For a nominal fee, sample boards can be mailed to you, so you can truly see how your design will feel.  Check it.

* ForResPros

ForResidentialPros.comOne of the last, but still one of the biggest items I caught was Cygnus Business Media’s launch of ForResidentialPros.com (now SOLA Group).  The stylish 21st century site collects information from such respected sources as Qualified Remodeler, Residential Design + Build and Kitchen and Bath Design News . . . plus likely much more.

* HomeTech Publishing

One of the best connections I made during all of the Show didn’t even come at the Show, but rather in the Baggage Claim of BWI Airport.  Me . . . no business card, handed over my RMShow badge to CEO Duane Hunton.  In their 46th year and known for their zip-specific cost estimating books, HomeTech Publishing is also responsible (among other things) for developing many of the Cost Estimating plugins you’ll find on the internet, as well as the cost data used in Remodeling Magazine‘s industry-guiding Cost vs. Value report.  I have been fortunate enough already to collaborate with them on one project.  Fingers crossed – I hope more to come.


Remodeling Show Floor


And that’s about all I have for this year.  Thanks to everyone that supported our journey.  A shout to the many others I missed … maybe next year.

Going to close by turning it over to Lauren Hunter (who I had the pleasure of meeting finally), one of the (maybe many) reports she filed from the Show.  Here on RemodelTV.

First with more talk of the Spec Line by Dap and the company’s entry into the exterior market. Stare Casing (yes spelled correctly) molded wood overlay system that fits over a rough stair in hardwood floor installations. Bath Planet (a division BCI Acrylic) manufactures acylic bath liner systems. The Good Housekeeping Seal gives this product an extra two years on the warranty over what’s offered by the manufacturer.

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Out.  ~jb

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  2. Great plug for Abatron! I’ve used it for over a decade and I can honestly say it’s never let me down. If you want it done right, the first time, I highly recommend it! Thanks for the mention as well!

  3. surely Jason. I have never personally used. And it is great to get unsolicited users feedback. have used Durham’s in the past, not sure really how those two stack up. Thanks for swinging by. ~jb

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