You have to know I am so anxious to tell you about all the fun we had in Louisville last week. Yep, me and Barry Morgan and the Red Penguin Microwave Army. A select group of bloggers and designers staked claim to the hashtag #gejune and preceded to descend upon LouahVille (as I picture the local pronunciation written). Like a tornado of awesome (hmmmm. post title?).  We were assembled to visit the GE Monogram Experience Center (MEC) at GE’s (it has its own zip code) Appliance Park.

I am also anxious to round out the story about my trip to visit new friends at American Standard.  I was planning today for that post, but as I began reviewing notes from the MEC — I caught this, and I promise early next week on Part 2 of The Standard, the Story and the Sticking to It.


30 inch integrated Monogram frig via Cupboards

A Fully-Integrated 30″ Refrigerator

Maybe you saw friend Nick Lovelady’s post on Monogram‘s new fully-integrated 30″ refrigerator, with an industry-first convertible bottom drawer.  That’s right — frig or freezer, and back again (and more on this in minute).  And while I too had a chance to glimpse it in Paula Cecere’s New York Design Center, we really got a chance to have some q-time with it at the MEC.  Impeccably styled inside and out; it is formally available this week, in a solid door model.

Monogram 30-inch Refrigerator ramp up lighting via Barry Morgan


Not only is it the first to offer this kind of flexibility, it is also the first EVER frig being manufactured with zero HFCs.  That’s right — no Hydrofluorocarbons and none of that bad, bad ozone-depleting stuff.  As I understand it, this is being accomplished in part by using a refrigerant called R600a to replace the traditional R134a coolant.  A change too in the CP Foam process allows the company’s Decateur, AL plant to eliminate HFCs all together.  A No HFC Frig = Win. Win!

30″ Sizing

The 30″ sizing is ideal for locations such as an apartment or condo, where space is at a premium.  It will work equally as well as an auxiliary frig in a large luxury kitchen and/or in an additional location of enjoyment, such as an outdoor kitchen or a playroom.

Slow Close on Bottom Freezer

The a freezer drawer below the upper compartment is positioned to align smoothly with adjacent drawers for flawless finish. Both drawers have a slow close action that you would typically associate with cabinet drawers.  But the reversible and articulating hinges are enough to get any hardware enthusiast excited. To put the size of the bottom drawer into context, I had this in my notes (and it figures) – it will hold 96 cans of beer.

Articulated and Reversible Hinge on the Monogram 30 inch by Barry MorganThe solid door version releases this week with a wicked cool glass door scheduled to launch around October 1st.  You’d have to catch this one in person to fully appreciate the ramp up lighting and cool frost effect on the door’s glass. (Right @BrendaSLynn?)

A Convertible Bottom Drawer

When asked how the convertibility works, the MEC‘s Valinda Wagner says, “The 30” unit has three independent temperature management systems controlled by two compressors and two evaporators. This helps with optimal food preservation throughout all the unit, and convertibility of the temperature zones in the lower drawer.”

The team warns that a user will allow 24 hours for conversions to take place.  And anyway, what all the technical stuff means — I don’t know.  I do know, this is one to watch.  And if you know a thing or two — don’t hesitate to chime in.  For more information, see Monogram.com.

30-inch Monogram frig from Monogram.com


Back soon on Louisville and on American Standard and maybe with some regular postings. Look later today for a VERY special July 4th post and thanks for reading. For more from us on the wonderful world of appliances, please see our category – Appliances. ~ jb

4 thoughts on “Building Moxie Archive: GE Monogram’s Industry-First No HFC Frig with Convertible Bottom Drawer

  1. JB, great post with all of the technical info! I am 20 miles from the Decatur, AL plant, so come on down anytime and I bet we can take a tour of it. We can also tour some fine eateries around here, from BBQ to seafood. Thanks for the shoutout in your post and I am not talking about the glass… Have a great Independence Day weekend with your family.

  2. thanks Brenda.. it does feel a little weird not being headed anywhere next week. FL summit? BeeBeeQ and seafood?… so many choices. happy weekend back at you!

  3. Great Breakdown!! I saw you taking some serious notes… Bravo! Nice chilling with you and Barry! Until next time!!!

  4. thank you Erique. it is always fun and soulful… where next? great 4th and take care of that fam.

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