Remodeling Show floor Chicago 2011OK . . . and I know I have made you sit through a(n) *ahem* few posts on Building Moxie’s efforts and our ultimate trip to the Remodeling Show in Chicago last month.  I promise – I only have two, OK, maybe three or so more planned in the series . . . and of course that would be barring any that Barry might still want to post (sorry).

When I started this online fundraiser (and yes, I will take all the blame) back in April, even I didn’t know how many good and giving people we had in our (extended) community.  But today – I want to take the time to give a little bit of that love back.  First — to those who helped us get there, and second — to those who helped us make the trip great.

. . . giving thanks (it is that time of year … almost) & a Giveaway … for You, You, You

To our sponsors (and specifically):

Cyra Duquella at Duquella Tile – Rumor has it that @DIYNetwork has contacted her again, and wants to use the Tile Temptress Fairy’s goodie tile goodness again.  Thank you Cyra.McCormick Place LakeSide Center Lake Michigan

Christiane Erwin and Stephanie Rogers at Crestview Doors — HAVE you seen their new(ish) Redi-Screens? Thanks to these Atomic Cool ladies out of Austin.

Stacey Nachajski at Crown Point Cabinetry —  What can I say?  I guess they just wanted someone to hang with at the Show.  j/k :~) No really – Gorgeous cabinets.  You. Will. Love. Them. Thanks out to new(ish) mommy Stacey.


DAP Seal Your Home badge


I owe thanks to a number of folks associated with DAP Products; (yes, as seen on this blog here and here and here) thank you all.   And included in “our relationship”, a $100 Visa gift card which I will be giving away right here.  It is actually an extension of the Blogger Challenge I am involved in.  Here.

CLOSED – That’s right — $100 of money!!!

Here’s how I am going to give it away:  Check the list below.  If you are not one of the 15 names there, then — why don’t you enter? …  We’ll take the first five, a 1 in 20 chance to win — pretty good!

To Enter:  1. Add a comment below this post.  2. Tweet this article and say, “ I am entered to win $100 from @DAPProducts & @BuildingMoxie 3. Follow @DAPProducts … on Twitter.  4. That’s it (and you have to have all three items)!

The Drawing:  I’m gonna go old school on it.  I’ll enter the names into a hat and my daughters Evyn and Eva will pick a name from it.  The drawing I’ll do live Wednesday night at 8:30 Eastern … on Twitter.  I’ll tweet under the hashtag #DAPSealandWin.

Good luck!  (Read to the bottom for the consolation prize.)

Thanks to our loyal readers & friends who helped make Chicago

Joan Worthington & John Bartkowiak, Jr. My dad and his lovely wife, no strangers to fundraisers themselves.  Shout to Joan’s work with the Red Devils || Supporting Breast Cancer Families.  (Please click thru on this link.)  And sorry they are not entered in the giveaway.

Thanks out to these five (5) folks that gave to the 106 Mile Fund.  You are entered in the drawing:Building Moxie with Paul Hamtil final day show floor

Thanks out to these ten (10) folks that attended a lovely tweet-up evening on the town.  You are entered:

the Gage Chicago Brothers at Building Moxie outing
I can’t forget to say a quick thanks here to Paul Treanor from @Remodeling_Show.  While he too made the outing, and while he was integral in getting us out to Chicago – probably shouldn’t enter him in this either.


Thanks to everyone that offered support for our trip to the Remodeling Show … anywhere along the line.

As a consolation prize – I’m still trying to give away the wonderful tee pictured below.  Or . . . Just say I want the tee in the comment area and it’s yours…!  It will be offered to a second name pulled.


Remodeling Show Deck Expo tee emblem


Thanks for reading, happy playing and don’t forget to follow @DAPProducts on Twitter.  Cheers. ~jb

14 thoughts on “Building Moxie Archive :: File Under How to Run an Online Fundraiser (pt. 2): Giving Thanks

  1. Fun post, JB! You are very welcome, we were so happy to help. And our team had a blast with you guys out at the show…I’m only sorry I missed it!

    Take care,

    PS…my baby turned one this weekend! And, he’s starting to like to brush his teeth-as long as I sing the teeth brushing song!

    PPS…I want that T-shirt! I promise I won’t make it into a t-shirt quilt…yet.

  2. awww. thanks A. I met you right? the coolest peep! and sweet thanks for the tweet ; I can toss your name into the hat. cheers.

  3. shucks Am! thank you again for the kind comment. don’t do as I say do as I do. to get love you gotta give love . . . and so on. *smiling* thanks.

  4. well, happy birthday out to little Stacey (boy version. ha!) and good on the tooth brushing … where was the tooth brushing song when I needed it?!

    the tee is all yours and again thanks so much for your support. B-More next year ya know. *smiling*

  5. So happy to be a part of your “journey”. And thank you for all the tile love you have spread everywhere!!

    PS I’d love that t-shirt – it would make such stylish studiowear!!

  6. surely my dear and again thank you for all of your support. I’m gonna have to come up with another second place prize because the tee was claimed a little earlier in the day. :~)

  7. as I have said to others … you played a bigger part than you know. Cheers my friend and it has been too long. ~jb

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