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Disclosure:  Pennington is paying for my airfare, hotel and other related travel experiences.


I’ll admit it.  One of my favorite things about Building Moxie is the opportunity it has afforded me/us for travel.  Not so much the travel itself, you know — going to new places, experiencing new things . . . Okay that is pritty good, but it is more the connecting with new friends (or sometimes seeing old ones), you know — the connecting with others that do this thing called blogging.

The travel itself does invigorate, the outings validate, and I always seem more dedicated to our mission when I return home.  Before you get the wrong impression, let me point out — these are “working getaways. ” (And I know — ‘s Hard!)

The Seed for Yourself Summit

Thursday this week, I leave for Portland, Oregon, a place I have never been.  Pennington Grass Seed is hosting Building Moxie and a handful of other renowned DIY bloggers as part of a Pennington “Seed for Yourself” Summit.  A one-day summit (Friday, March 9th) at Pennington‘s NexGen research facility promises to include location tours, hands-on workshops and one-on-one discussions with Pennington experts.  (So feel free to suggest up some questions I might ask.)

Simply put, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of lawn, garden and turf care products in the world, Pennington Grass Seed is offering Building Moxie a behind-the-scene perspective into all that goes into the creation of high-quality grass seed.

And man do I need it!   Despite my confidence in this picture below, I’d say I am about 50/50 with sowing grass from seed.  I hope to use what I learn this week on my already growing stack of spring lawn care projects . . . and I hope too to share.  (A seasonal right, lawn care that is, and one part of the Cycles of Life.)

Working with a Small RotoTiller under a Large Maple


Bloggers on this Trip

OK get it out (the laughing over that ill-fated pic) . . .  and as I was saying, there are a few bloggers on this trip that I have been looking to connect with for sometime.  A few that I have followed lightly, and Yes, even some for which this is my first intro.  A quick shout to them below:

I also have plans for a visit (though briefly) with previously featured Cyra DuQuella of Portland-based DuQuella Tile (she’s my ride!).  And hopefully a quick hiya if there is time with Twitter friend @Kendra_Hubbard (we’ll see; gotta email now).


Thanks for reading all to follow along keep an eye on BMoxie‘s social streams or check Pennington‘s Facebook page for goings on >>  (Like ’em now!)

As to everyone listed — Safe travels and see you in Portland. ~jb

16 thoughts on “Building Moxie Archive: Head West Building Moxie to Portland with Pennington Grass Seed

  1. Have a great time jb! Perhaps some questions pertaining to those of us in the South for whom grass is in season 365 days a year and where drought and water restrictions have given me weeds. Thanks!

  2. Consider it done Ginny! on a side note. have you caught any of Barry’s posts on Kwikset SmartKey? Particularly today’s he shines and paints it as a nice little lockset.

    thanks for the comment and the well wishes Ginny! ~jb

  3. thanks J! I thought it was good one too! about one of like 2 pics my wife has ever taken of me for the blog. Hope to have a good trip and you know, I’ll be reporting back. ~jb

  4. I am over the moon (or should I say sun) to be headed to Portland tomorrow and to get to meet you and the other DIY bloggers. Love your picture, chuckle. Looks like something Pretty Handsome Guy might do ;-).

  5. all in good fun & I LOVE that you call the husby “Pretty Handsome Guy” awesome! so looking forward to the face to face Brittany. Thanks for bringing your “renowned” blogging self by ;~) safe travels and see you soon. ~jb

  6. Sounds like an awesome trip. Hope you have fun and learn a ton. Tell Pennington if they need an east coast test field, I know of a couple of acres that could use some help.

    Also if you interested in a cool PA mud sale that sells everything (Plants, tools, materials, animals, etc) we are heading to one just over the PA line on the 31st.

  7. re. “east coast test field” We will be having some sort of contest on the other end of this, so we may be able to help. keep an eye out.

    as far as “PA mud sale” I really don’t know how to respond to that. but have a blast. Thanks for stopping over Joe and I’ll do my best. have a great one. ~jb

  8. jb-it was great to meet you and fun to hang out with you! I know I am really looking forward to tackling my problem lawn! Have a safe trip home!

  9. thank you Gail and likewise. I hope you made it back to KY safe and sound. And I KNOW your lawn won’t be any match for ya now. Here’s to the chance to get together again soon. cheers! ~jb

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