Okay, and as promised, it is that time.  Time to award one remodeler with a trip to Baltimore for the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo.

The Remodeling Show (and Conference) runs October 9th, 2012 thru October 12th, 2012, and if you haven’t figured, it is being held in my hometown – Baltimore.

While our  Contest will be held in a separate post, we first wanted to lay out some ground rules and consequently, maybe digress a bit.  ha!

2012 Remodeling Show Banner


We usually take a loose approach to the term “remodeler.”  Remodeler – Any individual or organization that actively engages in the design, construction . . . or really — any work involving updating, renovating, redecorating … the remodeling of an existing structure.  In context of this blog, and further in the context of this Contest, we are referring only to individuals and organizations working in/on/with residential structures … homes.

A Remodeler, and further the Winner of our Contest, could be a homeowner alone, a businessperson, or a firm.  Said firm could be either large or small.  Said Remodeler could be a single individual working as a home improvement business or could be a principal individual in an home improvement organization.  Said principal individual may choose to attend themselves or may choose to select a member of their team instead to attend.   (The Show certainly provides opportunity for any one and/or all of the above mentioned folks.)  If the Winner of this Contest has already made arrangements to attend, we will reimburse that individual.

Note: The key point in all of the above is that as our Winner – You (or someone from your team) Must Attend!  In other words, in entering this Contest – you are agreeing to attend the 2012 Remodeling Show if you are in fact selected as our Winner.

What’s at Stake? What’s Included for our Winner?

  • Roundtrip Airfare to and from the Show (Baltimore).  Booked on the airline of the Winner’s choice from their location to BWI International Airport. (We of course make provisions for an individual choosing to travel but other means.)  A maximum reimbursement of (and not to exceed) $600 (updated).
  • Ground Transport.  Booked shuttle or rental car stipend of the Winner’s choice (BWI International Airport).  A maximum reimbursement of (and not to exceed) $120 (updated).
  • 3 Nights Accommodations in a Remodeling Show-Affiliated Hotel.  Booked by the Winner (and availability of course will apply).  A maximum reimbursement of (and not to exceed) $620.
  • Spending MoneyA maximum reimbursement of (and not to exceed) $120.
  • All-Access Pass (AP) to the Show, as defined here >> Pricing & Packages – Remodeling Show. No cash value.

How to Win? :: (Judging Criteria)

The Winner of this Contest will fit one simple description >> They will be very well suited for and will benefit greatly from attending the Remodeling Show.  The Winner will be chosen by vote, and hopefully in consensus, from an already selected, three-member Judging Panel.  (Nope! Don’t ask; we have them hidden away as not to be influenced by those that may be entering.)

Since the Remodeling Show itself is billed as the single largest “trade” show for those working in the Remodeling field… we will instruct our Judges (all knowledgeable of the Show) to pick based in part on whom might receive the most value from attending.

How to Win? :: (How to (& Who Can) Enter)

Later today (Thursday, August 9th), we will post an article on this blog entitled, “Building Moxie is Looking for One Remodeler to Bring to the Remodeling Show 2012. Is it You?”  In it, we’ll post a simple question . . . the Comment section of the post will be open for answers.

You may comment on behalf of (read: enter) yourself or on behalf of someone you know… (but they of course would have to be willing to attend and in turn would have to affirm that in a Comment as well).

Viola! Entered. Very informal and just like that.

While a social media presence (ie. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) is not required.  We do ask that if you have the means, to please Like our (Building Moxie’s) Facebook fan page – http://www.facebook.com/buildingmoxie . . . as we will be providing periodic updates about the Contest to it.

Entry to the Contest will remain open until Saturday, September 1st … with the Winner announced shortly thereafter.


Thanks out for reading.  Please spread the word, RT, Share, Pin, Post, etc.  And hopefully we have more for you soon. 

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