Rehoboth Beach from a 2nd Floor BalconyMe and the family, we’re on vacation, and that would explain why the blog has been a little quiet this week.  It’s good to “unplug” (ha!) for a couple of days, you know . . . but a strange pattern is beginning to form.  I go on vacation and 1.) the wife’s phone begins ringing off the hook (with real estate stuff) PLUS 2.)  I end up at either a primary care facility or at an emergency room . . . with one of my girls.

Don’t worry nothing serious and nothing antibiotics can’t handle, but … Come On!  And no Mrs. Moxie does not have a formal offer on her flip project just yet.  But from the couch here at the condo in Rehoboth Beach, overlooking the beach and the ocean, I am finding just enough time to write, and hey I did want to update the goings-on anyways.


106 Yards to the Remodeling Show 2012 :: Subtract Some

We are stoked to have secured our 4th (and last) sponsor for the 106 Yard Fund.  This brings our fund total to 90% of goal.

My Fix It Up Life logoI had the opportunity to talk about this (and a few other things) earlier in the week with Mark & Theresa at My Fix it Up Life radio. You could hear my first ever radio segment with the incredibly lively (and fun) Clements, right here >> Thursday July 19th (today) at Noon EST. The full episode is entitled “Going Yard post-Bachelor Style” and I imagine my bit would be nearer the end, still I hope you could check in for a listen.

D5R BannerI am grateful too for friend Leah Thayer who gave BMoxie a little love, plus a shout to this campaign, in her Daily 5 Remodel D5R Dish  yesterday.

I am trying to work through the details for a fun promotional product that will hopefully bring us to the Full 106, the full $2000 goal.  But yes, we are still looking for $200 from our readers.  While I can officially say the “Scholarship Contest” will absolutely happen (and will officially launch sometime around August 9th), I hope to have your support so we can whip together a small gathering here in Baltimore during this year’s Remodeling Show.

106 Yard Sponsors

I am of course very thankful for, but still have much work to do for those providing support.  For example, “due to binding endorsement agreements (a la Talladega Nights… ha!) that stipulate I mention” … our sponsors in each post, I’d like to give a quick shout out to … :

DAP Products Logo* Baltimore locals, DAP Products.  I am not quite sure what I will be doing with them this year, but the Remodeling Show 2011 saw the launch of something big – The DAP Spec Line.  We covered it.

American Standard American Standard and their new PRO Series toilets. PRO Series toilets combine the powerful flushing power of the Cadet 3 and Champion Systems while using a water saving 1.28 gallons per flush (Read: WaterSense Certified). This series comes standard with EZ Install, EverClean Surface and PowerWash Rim features.

Houzz Logo* The sweet candy of remodeling sites Houzz.comHouzz is a great marketing platform for remodeling pros, and guess what!  Using it is free!

whd-logo-197x85* A leader in surface innovation since 1956 (that’s 50+ years of business), Wilsonart HD. Wilsonart offers the HD or High Definition line of laminate counters, which was launched in 2005.

(Look for BMoxie *shhhh* during the Show in a star-studded panel discussion hosted by Wilsonart. Topic = Looks for Less.  And yes, stoked!  More details when I have them… I promise.)

Shake … Andddd … Bake

That’s about all I have for today, and I am sorry – I really haven’t gotten into any news about the Show, let alone a lick about the Deck Expo – which runs in parallel (at the same time) with the Remodeling Show.

Here in Rehoboth, DE vacationing with the family, I am about 30 minutes from Barry.  We hope to meet later today to take part in our 3rd annual global summit, ha! Read :: Get together, hang, and maybe shoot some video in honor of our 500th post (which happened last week). Yay!

ricky bobby cal naughton jr via


Thanks for reading, thanks for your support, and more on the Contest next time.  ~ jb

9 thoughts on “Building Moxie Archive :: 106 Yard Sponsors & Press (Talladega Nights Edition) :: Going the Extra Yard

  1. 500th post . . . Woooooohooooo. . . . Congrats!!! Have fun and take care of the girls & Mrs. Moxie!

  2. thanks for the woohoo Joan . . . and hoping that we hit the mark at least once or twice in those 500. ha! except for brief bouts of sickness great vaca all the way around. cheers.

  3. Thanks Lisa and thanks for listening in to the MyFixItUpLife spot. fun, but I really I didn’t say things just like I wanted. go figure. Hope I get the oppt. again someday soon. Cheers.

  4. I bet. & I do hope to check Santa Barbara one day. wall to wall umbrellas is right, but I think it is almost part the charm . . . when you have the kiddos (read: no shortage of play friends). I myself was “raised” on OC, MD beaches which make Rehoboth look deserted. just a little ways down the road from Rehoboth is Bethany which may be a little more akin to Cali beaches (idk – less densely populated). It was in fact a great vaca that was only broken up somewhat by a little sickness and a little light rain. Thanks for checking in Kym. cheers.~jb

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