Update (9.5): This Contest is now Closed. Thanks out to all who participated.

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Would you like to attend the Remodeling Show & Deck Expo in Baltimore?  Why?

Thanks to the generous support of our 106 Yard SponsorsDAP Products, American Standard, Houzz and Wilsonart HD, we are able to bring one remodeler to Baltimore for the Show.  Could it be you?  Comment below to be entered to Win Building Moxie’s 106 Yard Scholarship Contest!

Contest Rules and Official “Prizes,” here >> Building Moxie’s 106 Yard to the Remodeling Show Scholarship Contest :: Rules and Other Sundries.  (Please Read It!)

Entry in this Contest will remain open until Saturday, September 1st … with the Winner (aka The Chosen One) announced shortly thereafter.


Update (9.1): Considering the long weekend of Labor Day, entry in this Contest will remain open through the weekend of the 1st closing September 4th.  Thanks.  Luck all, and happy weekend. ~jb

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Thanks and good luck. ~jb

21 thoughts on “Building Moxie Archive :: Building Moxie is Looking for One Remodeler to Bring to the Remodeling Show. Is It You?

  1. I’d love to attend! Pick me, pick me! Why? As a designer, 95% of my projects revolve around remodeling in one aspect or another. However, people don’t automatically think “I’ll call a designer AND a contractor,” they often just call the contractor. Using a designer and contractor in the remodeling process can produce results beyond their wildest dreams (not their budget.) Designers can offer a lot to homeowners because we listen to their needs first. We also can take the heat off contractors from making design decisions. But we get left out as the missing link or unnecessary extravagance when it comes to remodeling. I’d love the opportunity to bridge this gap and the Remodeling Show would be a great place to talk to “the other side.” Additional attributes: I can use my own caulk gun, saw, hammer and cordless drill. :) Thanks for considering me! Lisa

  2. Well JB as a long time remodeling contractor(coming up on almost 30 years) I’d love to attend as there is always something new to learn. Shows like this provide a great opportunity to see and learn about new products and techniques. Also as an added bonus I’d love to set up a live tweetup that could be promoted before and also during the show. This would create some great buzz for the sponsors of this contest as well as the show itself. Also as the writer of a blog about everything home- http://www.thebuildingblox.com -articles about the show and what goes on there could be also shown to my readers creating even more exposure. I’d be honored to be chosen and thanks for considering me.

  3. Ahhh Baltimore, home of the 21st annual Remodeling & Deck expo – yeah I would love to make it back to meet up with old friends, make new ones & see how this new “business skills boot camp” training program works as I wasn’t able to make it to Chicago last year.
    Instead of blogging about it on my site like I normally do, I would love to blog about it here &/or any of the sponsors sites. Besides that I think it would be fun having JB introduce me around as I was the one introducing him around 2 years ago.
    Of course there is only one small issue if you pick me, you would have to choose someone else for the airfare reimbursement as I don’t like flying.

  4. The remodeling show is one that I have wanted to attend for a while now. We have been remodeling homes and businesses for the last 25years and I basically grew up on the jobsite. Due to other shows like IBS being closer and there for more budget friendly and requiring less time away from the job I have yet to make it to the remodeling show. But with remodeling being the main focus of our business and insurance restoration being an extension of that I am sure there is a ton I could learn at this show. Add to that the fact that I have covered a few trade shows in the past and between my blog and social media presence we could put some things together that would help bring additional attention and traffic to the show and its sponsors. Not to mention I would love to catch up with JB & Barry vote for me!

  5. What a great opportunity! I would love to attend the Remodeling Show in Baltimore. I’ve never been to the show (or to Baltimore for that matter). It would be awesome to tweet-up with friends in attendance plus the show starts on a Wednesday so we could do a LIVE kbtribechat from the event. Trade shows offer so much – learning about new products, trends, networking and industry fun. I would be honored if you chose me!

  6. This year has been tremendous in my growth with all of the wonderful remodeling companies I have met just via social media! What a great opportunity it would be for me to be able to meet up with engage with face to face to help further grow my business and help more remodelors with their leads and marketing. Having the insight of all of Designers/Bloggers/Remodolors..etc in one place is an invaluable tool for CLS to grow in the coming years! Personally I have 20 years experience in this industry and have always grown by being able to attend these events through the companies I worked for. I would be honored and grateful to be chosen to win so this little company that could would have the opportunity to shine and get the message we have to give out to everyone! Thank you !

    oh and just a p.s…how cool would it be to have JB introduce me around…and then be able to blog about all the awesome sponsors and of course Building Moxie! (i love to return a favor when I can JB!) Thanks again! Congrats in advance to whomever is chosen!

  7. Honestly JB, I’m starting to feel a bit dejected.

    It’s this long distance relationship that we have friend. We’ve been at it far too long.

    I know that I don’t tweet at you as often as you would like, but I do follow your stream. I visit your Facebook fan page almost daily and I read everything that you blog to me. I’ve even begun to follow you at Houzz and hope that you will follow me back.

    It’s time for us to close the gap and finally meet.

    The Remodeling show in Baltimore would be the perfect place!

    We would be amongst our closest friends.
    It would be so exciting.

    Looking Forward,


  8. My bags are already packed man. I’d love to come back there and check out the view from the east. Perfect time of year for it too.
    It would be great to finally meet some folks I’ve been chatting with on twitter for a long time.

  9. Well first, I have some moxie in my character – so I can only say I would bring some of that positive energy and enthusiasm to this opportunity and try to learn as much as I could! And, some fun while I’m at it!

    As the newly hired Sales and Marketing Director for the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Remodelers I have much to learn about the industry.

    Although I have sales and marketing experience I am playing catch-up on the remodeling side of things. I truly believe that exposure to an event such as this will give me an opportunity to become a better ambassador to the membership I serve as well as educate the consumers on the benefits of using a qualified, re-modeler.

    I’d hope that with our blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter I could also bring a little bit of the Home Show “back home” to our members that can’t make the trip!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Traditional methods and materials have been my specialty (I’ve written a series of Master Carpenter articles for Fine Homebuilding and pieces for Old House Journal, The Journal of Light Construction, etc.) on “Reproducing Historic Architectural Details” and the like (see examples below):



    Shows like this–show how little I know about new products, materials and methods though. Headline: “Master Carpenter Stuck in Past: Admits Woeful Lack Current Knowledge” I would love the chance to absorb new ideas. Blending the traditional with the best new practices and products is a key to truly brilliant remodeling.

    I would be happy to both learn and share my ideas with others at the show. I will offer to write a series of posts for Building Moxie showcasing things learned should I be selected to join you in Baltimore.

    The last time I was in Baltimore it was in the 80’s for a Huey Lewis and the News show. How is that for a blast from the past. :-) In carpentry it usually is “hip to be square.”

  11. Attending the Remodelers Show with the Design Build Pros would greatly enhance anyone’s experience, both professionally and socially. Witty, charming, and fun to be around are on their resumes.

    The team has attended the Remodeler Show in most years since 1995. More importantly, Jason and Neil have worn all the various “hats” over the years ~ carpenter, production manager, sales, design, drafting, personal shopper, remodeling biz owner and now wear a vastly different one! No longer “true” remodelers, they offer a unique project design and development service for either a homeowner or a remodeler. Then they act as the intermediary for both parties ensuring a pleasant, professional remodeling experience for all.

    With that, the Design Build Pros interaction at booth exhibits and seminars takes on the scrutiny and fact finding from both sides of the fence…”double agents” one might say! …and did I mention that they were “fun to be around?”

  12. Hey JB, this is a great way to “Pay it forward” (or would it be “pay it behind”) from your sponsored trip to the show in 2011! A great idea and a real gift to the lucky winner.. and I see many great and deserving people who commented here.

    It would be a thrill to attend the Remodeling Show again this year, as 2011 was a really awesome experience. The classroom education really lit a fire under our company to re-evaluate many of the processes we were using. Attending the Show and really making the most of the education, as well as networking with top industry pros, had more impact on our business than almost any other endeavor we have undertaken. I would welcome the opportunity to do it again and further enrich myself as a remodeling professional.

    Of course, I can’t forget to mention that a visit to the land of Moxie is something to be desired in itself. To be a personal guest of JB and Barry on their home turf will be like a backstage all access pass to awesomeness. I am fully prepared to meet the responsibility of “bringing it” as an Agent of Moxie. During the show, I will look forward to connecting with the Building Moxie sponsors and other supporters, and will be happy to guest post on the blog throughout the show and afterwards about the experience and sponsor presentations/ booths/ new and exciting products. I am happy to promote the show and the Building Moxie experience via social media as well.

    Paul Hamtil

  13. In the rural area I live in, I am isolated from the truly professional members of our industry. Whether we are discussing production practices, or business systems, I often feel like I am the odd man out. A chance to meet up with others who feel our clients deserve the best would be wonderful. I know my clients deserve not just quality results, but an exceptional, stress free, professional experience throughout their project. While we strive to deliver that experience, it always seems like there is something more we could do.

    I know our marketing system needs improvement. I know I need more sales training. I know our clients deserve to know about not just the latest products, but the best techniques available.

    As I look through the schedule for the show, I see at least 25 sessions that I would love to be in. While I know I could only attend eight, I think it would bring tremendous value to both my clients and myself.

    Thank you for considering me!

    Tom Burke

  14. As I am entering my second year in the remodeling business in Texas. I believe that going to the Remodelers Show would greatly expand my knowledge and improve my business. I have been truly blessed in the opportunity of opening my own business and want to further my education and experience in this field.

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