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I made one stipulation of Sean Lintow, Sr, as the grand royale champion Winner of our 106 Yard Fund.  And . . . “What’s that?” you might ask. Well, Sean happened to … offer his gracious Remodeling Show Recap, giving thanks to the Fund’s sponsors and the judges . . . it does quite a little bit to explain it all.  I’m proud to say that he made the trip to Baltimore for this year’s Remodeling Show and Deck Expo as Building Moxie’s Chosen One :: Year 2012.

Oh Yeah! One stipulation, and since we recently dropped on Barry’s recording set-up, Sean would have to sit down and grant us a candid interview.  And here it is.  This is the first of four we did at this year’s Remodeling Show.

An Audio Interview with Sean Lintow of The HTRC

Here Sean and I, Barry too, discuss Sean’s business and blog (one of my personal favorites).  With that, while Sean is known by many as @SLSConstruction, it is actually the steady expansion of his service offerings that intrigued us.   While you could certainly look at his blog the Homeowner’s and Trades Resource Center (The HTRC for short) as one of these, it is his move more specifically to offer a formal green solutions suite that really piqued our interest.  Passionate about smart building, this led to Sean’s creation of Alabama Green Building Solutions in 2010.

Let’s listen to see where he plans to take it and Enjoy! ~jb


SLS Construction


To learn more about Building Moxie’s Chosen One – Sean Lintow Sr.

For a sample of some of Sean’s fantastic articles with us, his author’s page, here. His list of articles for Building Moxie include:

Image at top John Bartkowiak Jr. with Sean Lintow Sr.

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  1. Thank you Sean,

    I am really glad you liked it. It was great to learn, first hand, more about you and your business. Enjoyed the whole process very much!

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