Note from the hosts: First, this post was neither solicited or expected.  But there it was, Sean dropped it into our Drafts folder and I figured … What the Heck. Thanks Sean, good hanging. Enjoy all! ~jb


Building Moxie's Chosen OneOK it was more like 1779 miles, approximately 90 gallons of gas, 11 hours of driving in the rain on Monday just in time for everyone to show up at Camden Yards… but oh what a great trip & time.  As the first ever winner,  aka “The Chosen One” (and may I truthfully add – very surprised winner) I have to thank JB for coming up with this ideas along with the fine folks at DAP Products, American Standard, Houzz and Wilsonart HD. I would also like to thank the three judges; Mark & Theresa Clement of My Fix it Up Life, Leah Thayer of Daily 5 Remodel & Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson.

As this isn’t my blog, I thought I would have a little fun with the recap & do a “semi-interview.” What’s a semi interview you ask, well… I guess you could consider it me asking myself some questions that others might be afraid to ask & even answering some popular questions I get asked by those that have never attended … a trade show.

– Now come on – surprised? We know the fix was in…

I hate to break it to you, but there was no fix – JB played it straight & asked the three judges to pick their top 5.  And I was lucky enough to actually be on all 3 cards and ended up with the most points. Before the announcement, I had no idea who the three judges were, nor had I met any of the judges in real life before the Show.

– I see you ended up blogging about the Show on the HTRC: Did you at least make JB introduce you around?

Oh you bet I did & I got to say that was a blast.

– So what was the newest most exciting product at the Show?

I hate to say this, but there wasn’t one. Granted I was at the IBS earlier this year where most of the manufacturer’s release their new offerings but this year’s Show seemed like most exhibitors had scaled back from prior ones. With that said, you might want to check out JB’s post of his top 10 finds.

– Ahhh, so which show is better?

Both shows have their pros & cons, but if you are in the Remodeling or Decking Industry and are looking at chances to meet fellow professionals, while attending some great classes – hands down I give the nod to the Remodeling  Show & Deck Expo. If you are mainly interested in seeing new products & doing a lot of walking I give the nod to IBS (& KBIS).

– As a business owner, I am so busy, is it really worth my time to attend?

In a nutshell, yes. In many cases as an owner we are so busy we don’t take the time to step back & see the big picture or have a chance to recharge the batteries. This is a great time to do that, take a few classes to sharpen up your sales, marketing or other skills & talk with others who don’t compete with you. Not only can you do this on the floor, but they also have their block parties and other opportunities to mingle & talk with others.

– I heard you managed to go see the World Headquarters of Building Moxie, is there any truth to that?

Yes there is, but I was sworn to secrecy… Though I did manage to get this shot of it with the Halloween decorations up… Actually he has very nice 1889 house that he is in the midst of renovating with his lovely wife, kids & a very nice dog.

Building Moxie World HeadQuarters

– So are you off to Chicago for the next one / aka What’s next?

At the moment, I am planning on being at the next Remodeling Show & Deck Expo in Chicago though the only item locked in at the moment is the SkillsUSA competition in Kansas City next year.

Once again, I would love to thank JB & Barry for showing me around & coming up with the contest idea. Many thanks also to all the sponsors, judges & of course Paul Treanor & all the great folks at Hanley Wood (now Zonda). So how did I do & is there anything else you would love to know? If so feel free to drop a comment below.


Another Note from the hosts: Second, a quick shout to Alycia Wicker for very quickly whipping us up a “Chosen One” graphic.  Find her working on her newest venture Small Business Graphics @  Third, about that graphic – Sean swooped in and stole the image I was planning to use on an upcoming post.  Barry is currently working down an audio interview we did with Building Moxie‘s Chosen One :: Year 2012 – Sean … look for it (and a few others, beginning) next week.  Fourth, it is no secret that Building Moxie’s World Headquarters is not complete (and I do know that Borson used that “bit” earlier this week).  Thanks for sharing your Remodeling Show Recap Sean, and thanks for taking the time. ~jb

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  1. I am glad Sean was the winner of your contest, and that he found it to be worthwhile. More importantly (to me), I’m glad he saw the Moxie headquarters. I was there at Halloween a few years ago, and it’s an amazingly cool place. I loved it. Sadly, the captain of the place would not let me steal his 2 princesses. Booo. Anyone who gets to meet E & E is a lucky winner indeed!

  2. The “Chosen One”? I always refer to Sean as The “Squirrelly One”, although I’ve often heard the squirrels referring to Sean as their “Chosen One”, so I guess the title still fits… ;-)

    Seriously, though: Glad Sean was picked (I can’t think of anyone more deserving, even though I understand it was a completely fair and random selection process). Enjoyed Sean’s account of the show on HTRC, as well. And love this interview. All great stuff!

    ~ John

  3. Thanks Alexandra & ahhh I missed seeing his 2 princesses, I guess I get the double boo

    Whichever title works for you John is fine by me : ) Many thanks for the kind comments & all your support it means a lot

    Alycia, I had no idea you came up with the logo – love it & nice job.

  4. Hi Sean,

    Well wrapped up! I have spent the week listening to and tweaking the interview that we recorded so it is a little like I have been able to continue hanging out with you. I enjoyed the show and meeting you was a highlight.


  5. Great wrap up Sean! Sounds like it was a great show and that you got a lot out of it. Congrats again on the win and I hope to cross paths in Chicago next year!

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