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One thing I was pretty stoked about with this year’s Remodeling Show was my Press pass. My first ever, and yes, exhibitors do seem just a bit more accommodating.  And while my experience was likely a little different (from last year’s Show), I drop-in just the same. Rest assured I have at least a few more posts coming, but I wanted to start with a set of “un-sponsored” product posts. And here you go … 10 Products (or Developments) You Should Know.


AZEK VAST being laid on grid* AZEK VAST Pavers

(http://www.azek.com/vast/) – Our very first stop of the Show, spurred possibly by an earlier encounter … AZEK VAST is a lightweight paver that I first saw on the Homeowner and Trades Resource CenterSean Lintow’s impeccable website.  Pavers for Patios Decks & Roofs.  Recycled mostly from rubber (tires), AZEK offers three types: Landscape, Resurface and Permeable, in 5 colors.  The Landscape pavers (a thicker profile) are designed for new construction patios and driveways. A Permeable counterpart, with spacer lugs, allow water infiltration in areas that are prone to storm water runoff.  Resurface pavers (a thinner profile) can be laid in a corresponding grid over existing decks, balconies … old slabs and even on roofs.

* AllMet Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Systems

(http://allmet.com/) – As it seems I’ve talked a little recently about metal roofing, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity include AllMet here.  Offering all the benefits of metal roofing, include superior solar reflection and fire resistance, but with the look of more tradition granular asphalt roofs – these steel panels are very lightweight but still incredibly strong.  AllMet offers 20+ color, whichAndersen Home Style Book :: Andersen Booth at the Remodeling Show appear in shake-, clay tile- and traditional shingle- like styles.  The best part perhaps – a lifetime warranty.

* Andersen Window & Doors

(http://www.andersenwindows.com/) – Andersen’s A-Series, constructed of the company’s Fibrex material and fiberglas, as well as the E-Series (formally Eagle and featuring aluminum cladding on a wood frame) were proudly on display in Andersen’s booth. The construction of these windows (not that they aren’t impressive) wasn’t however what caught our eye.  It was instead how Andersen is choosing to … present them.  Perhaps a throwback to the pattern books of centuries passed, Andersen launched the Home Style Library earlier this year.

The Show marked the release of the first in a series of “Home Style Pattern Books.” In them, doors and (different) window types are grouped around traditional American architectural styles. The “Home Style Library” offers 10 different home styles – from Craftsman Bungalow to Modern, from Georgian/Federal to Ranch.  Products are broken out for each style into “recommended” sizes (with patterns & groupings), color, grilles, glass type and hardware.  Further, I learned that we can expect exploded details (both in print and online) on each style.  At the Remodeling Show, Andersen introduced the Home Style Pattern Books for the Georgian/Federal and the Craftsman Bungalow. To see more: Home Styles.

* Versi-Foam

(http://www.rhhfoamsystems.com/) – Really, I am not going in alphabetical order, and to prove it … (DIY) Spray foam insulation (and according to Sean Lintow, something I desperately need around the rim of my own house. Ha!)  Versi-Foam‘s low pressure sKerdi Board demo Schulter Systems Booth at the Remodeling Showpray foam kits come both in open cell and closed cell (though for most critical installations, we’d recommend closed cell).  They are portable and disposable – no outside source of power or pressure is needed.  The totes that the company had on display didn’t look dissimilar to a large box of wine.  I mean – Something you might see with low voltage cabling.  Each box includes two (chemical) components, plus a 10ft gun/hose assembly. While several options are available, a “Standard” System 15 kit yields 200sf and a System 50 kit yields 600, both with an R-Value of 7.7 per inch.

* Schulter Systems

(http://www.schluter.com/) – Consistently one of the most heavily trafficked booths at the Remodeling Show – Schulter Systems.  (And, yes, I’d say partially because of the giant orange demonstration clinic that sits immediately next to it … hard to miss.)  I of course knew Schulter previously for their Ditra underlayment product, but this year I did make it a point to stop in, to find out … what else?  “System” is a fair word for Schulter with solutions running the gamut.  The Kerdi-Line drain, especially the “concealed” version, is worth a look.  Kerdi-Board too seems like a solid option for building, well … anything in the bathroom.  An extruded polystyrene foam – available in thicknesses ranging from 3/16” all the way up to 2”, it can be screwed right to studs, used as a backer or even, as shown , or can be used as the structural framework for benches, tub decks, countertops, etc.  To find out more:  http://www.kerdi-board.com/.

* 1005 Design

(http://1005design.com/) – American Trim launched a line of decorative metal backsplashes.  Made of 30 gauge aluminum, these were certainly an eye grabber.  Sold as kit and currently only on Amazon, they appear in 6 styles and in two finishes (a stainless look and a copper look).  The cut-to-size 18” x 30” panels come with coordinating edging and install in a matter of hours (with standard construction adhesive).  Each kit comes with 4 panels and covers 15 sf, or 10 linear foot. Plus, as the team in the booth heralded, aluminum offers the added conveniences of easy clean-up and no fingerprinting.
1005 Design Aluminum BackSplash Booth at the Remodeling Show

* Prest-on

(http://prest-on.com/) – A hardware geek like me couldn’t help but stop to see Prest-on.  While I have certainly seen their drywall clips in the past, I got a little geeky over the newest version of their Repair Kit.  Cracks in drywall can be addressed by slipping a repair clip (using a specially designed springy applicator tool) through the crack. This eliminates the need of course to cut out a damaged area of drywall.  This product rounds out a suite of fasteners that also include the maker’s Insta-back repair clips, Corner-back corner clips and Framer-back blocking clips.

EnduraMax Wall Veneer System at the Remodeling Show* EnduraMax Wall Systems

(http://enduramaxwallsystem.com/) – First spotted at last year’s Show (but under a different name), EnduraMax took this year’s Product Hot Spot Innovative Product accolade.  This wall veneer system seems so easy at first glance.  I’d venture to even say that most diyers could now tackle… that type of project.  A proprietary foam grid is mounted directly to a substrate, and not only makes installation easier, but it actually offers true insulation value (R9-R13 depending on how you read it).  These unique panels stiffen the installation as whole, help manage moisture and provide improved overall energy efficiency.  Several brick-style and stone patterns are available, with more surely in the works.

* MoistureShield

(http://www.moistureshield.com/) – In the Deck Expo (as separate from the Remodeling Show), we found MoistureShield … just one of more than a handful of exhibitors showing deck boards.  As a large stand-up in the booth pointed out, MoistureShield is, however, approved both for ground contact and can also be used in fully submersed situations. Made of a composite material developed by A.E.R.T. – a pioneer in recycling technologies.  Based in Arkansas, MoistureShield consists of approximately 95% recycled content and is made up of a 50×50 mix of plastics and (white/red) Knudsen Construction Aids at the Remodeling Showoak.  This product features a “total encapsulation” technology and appears in two collections with 8 total available colors.

* Knudsen Construction Aids

(http://www.knudsenkilen.dk/en/index.php – for UK markets) – Finally! LEGOs for Building! I mean it – Real Building and no lie, straight from Denmark … yep! Sharing a small spot in the Expo with an under-decking drainage system (http://www.wahoodecks.com/), these little guys caught my eye.  It must have been the colors …ooooo.  Those colors correspond, though, with various thicknesses (still only in metric units though. Ugh!).  Spacers, Hangers, Wedges and Blocks lock and stay in place when screwed or nailed through. Currently seeking US distribution perhaps you could get on board and help them fund a US website or something.  Just sayin’.  Still, it sticks as a pretty decent idea … with real potential.


Back with another 10 Products You Should Know sometime next week. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

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Andersen Booth Vanity Shot

Vanity Shot @ the Andersen Booth

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